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Written by Peter Allen & David Lasley

In 1980, the great Peter Allen (1944-1992) released his career’s most commercially successful album, Bi-Coastal. Produced by David Foster, Bi-Coastal, with its smooth, refined content, was considered one of the seminal records of the west coast/pop genre. Foster and Allen co-wrote the bulk of the album. They delivered a string of pop masterpieces including the Billboard’s Hot 100 entry “Fly Away.”

A gorgeous ballad additionally co-written by Carole Bayer Sager, “Fly Away” went on to be #55 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #45 on the Adult Contemporary chart. That song, and other gems from Bi-Coastal, were previously reviewed here and can be rediscovered in the archives.

Another beautiful moment on Bi-Coastal, and the song for this week is “Somebody’s Angel.”

“Somebody’s Angel”  was co-written by Allen and David Lasley (1947-2021), another genius singer/songwriter that sadly died last year. Lasley was responsible for some timeless songs including “You Bring Me Joy” for Anita Baker and “Lead Me On” for Maxine Nightingale. “Somebody’s Angel” was a tender ballad that featured one of Allen’s most heartfelt performances. Foster’s instrumental arrangement was a thing of beauty with the trademark mix of piano and Rhodes that led the melody. Erich Bulling, LA based Chilean arranger, conductor and producer wrote a gorgeous string arrangement. Allen’s amazing, warm vocal was supported by the angelic harmonies of two young singers, Richard Page and Steve George. Page and George would soon become the kings of LA vocal sessions and, eventually, the main men of the successful pop/rock band, Mr. Mister.

A true masterpiece, “Somebody’s Angel” was sung by Dionne Warwick on her 1980 hit album, No Night So Long. A year later, Sarah Dash (1945-2021) sung the ballad on her little-known, but noteworthy, Close Enough record.


  • Lead Vocal & Fender Rhodes: Peter Allen
  • Piano: David Foster
  • Drums: Ralph Humphreys
  • Bass: Mike Porcaro
  • Guitar: Richie Zito
  • Backing Vocals: Richard Page & Steve George
  • Strings Arrangement by Erich Bulling
  • Produced by David Foster


Everybody’s been taking
‘Till my poor heart is breaking
It’s so hard believing
That life is worth living
But now that I met you
I see a chance that you might come through
Don’t let me down
Right now I stand
My heart in your hand
So please
Don’t you wanna be somebody’s angel
Just for tonight
Only you can save me
Only you do it right
Don’t tell me I’m crazy
When I say forever’s not far away
Just close your eyes
Repeat after me
Hold on
Say I love you