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Written by Jim Sullins & Jay Graydon 

Released in the summer of 1983, “Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)” was Sheena Easton’s first single from her fourth album release, Best Kept Secret. This danceable pop ditty was co-written by Greg Mathieson and Trevor Veitch with a little twist (telefone instead of telephone). Mathieson also produced “Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)” which reached #9 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #15 on the Adult Contemporary chart. Easton was red-hot from the success of “We’ve Got Tonight,” her #1 duet with the formidable Kenny Rogers (1938-2020) that David Foster had produced earlier that year. It seems like the young songbird hoped to work again with the Hitman on Best Kept Secret, but Foster’s busy schedule didn’t allow it.

Eventually, Ms. Easton got two of Foster’s best friends and highly-respected peers, Mathieson and Jay Graydon, to handle the production on the album. Mathieson provided the aforementioned hit plus other catchy numbers that resembled his dance-pop, chart-topping work with the incomparable Laura Branigan (1952-2004) and the amazing Toni Basil of “Mickey,” also written by Mathieson. Mathieson delivered the gorgeous second Top 40 hit and previous Song of the Week, “Almost Over You.” The tune of “Almost Over You” featured some fantastic piano playing by Foster who also delivered his magic on another lesser-known ballad, “Wish You Were Here Tonight.” Meanwhile, Graydon crafted a beautiful cover of the Randy Newman classic “Just One Smile.”

 Co-written by James E. “Jim” Sullins and co-written/produced by Graydon, “Wish You Were Here Tonight” wasn’t originally included on Best Kept Secret, but it was cleverly rescued as the b-side of “Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair).” This beautiful composition featured an emotional performance by Ms. Easton accompanied by Foster’s majestic acoustic piano playing. “Wish You Were Here Tonight” was included as a bonus track in the 2007 cd reissue of Best Kept Secret, thus giving music fans the welcome opportunity to listen to this little-known, yet truly superb, composition. Finally, let’s not forget Graydon’s top-notch guitar playing on this track and his meticulous work on behind the glass. He was truly a master at his game.



  • Lead Vocals: Sheena Easton
  • Guitars: Jay Graydon
  • Acoustic Piano: David Foster
  • Bass: Lee Sklar
  • Drums: Mike Baird & Carlos Vega
  • Produced by Jay Graydon


Reading old magazines,
I’m on the road no one to save me girl,
I wish you were here tonight,
There’s a knock on my door,
Yes, it’s time to give another show,
I wish you were here tonight.

My love is all imagination,
Just a dream without you to make it real,
And, baby, I got a dream,
Burning inside,
No one else around,
Just you and I,
Loving in the fire,
It made us so right,
And I wish you were here tonight.
The T.V is a friend,
‘Cause I can choose the show with a happy end,
That never ends,
Forever and ever more,
If I make believe your on the show,
Youre the lover that says she has to go,
And I end up wishing you were here tonight.