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Written by David Foster, Brian & Brenda Russell

In the late fifties, brothers Joey and Edmund Ankrah were members of the UK vocal group, The Chants. The Chants never made it big despite their talent. They were buddies with The Beatles who even backed them on a legendary concert at the Cavern Club in Liverpool around 1962.

The Chants went on to record a string of singles for various labels until 1976 when the group broke up. Later that year, the two Ankrah brothers, together with Joey’s then-wife Lesley, formed the soul/disco trio Ofanchi. The trio first released two funky singles for Pye Records before being signed to RCA in the late seventies. Ofanchi released another couple of disco-influenced 45s. The second of those singles, released in 1979, included a very good cover of David Foster’s co-written anthem, “Gonna Do My Best To Love You.”

Foster co-wrote that catchy song with Brian and Brenda Russell. The Russells recorded it for their 1976 album, World Called Love. “Gonna Do My Best To Love You” was covered by Tata Vega in 1978 and previously by the late Jack Conrad’s (1948-2017) disco project, The Bottom Line.  Foster can be heard on The Bottom Line doing keyboards and arrangements. Ofanchi’s rendition of “Gonna Do My Best To Love You” was produced by noted UK music-maker Ron Roker and famed engineer Richard Dodd. Dodd won Grammys for his work with the late Tom Petty (1950-2017) and he collaborated with legends like Robert Plant and Boz Scaggs. The song, shorten to “Gonna Do My Best,” was arranged by the late Trevor Bastow (1945-2000) who did a great job creating a rich, grooving instrumental track fueled with tight beat, funky guitar licks, strings and horns. Ofanchi’s vocals were quite impressive with Lesley’s solid vocals in the spotlight supported by the Ankrah brothers’ impeccable harmonies. The song and the single went nowhere commercially, yet this was a damn fine slice of UK modern soul of the late seventies. For those interested, look in the archives for past reviews of Tata Vega’s and Brenda and Brian Russell’s versions of the song.



All Vocals: Joe Ankrah, Edmund Ankrah and Lesley Ankrah


Arranged by Trevor Bastow

Produced by Ron Roker & Richard Dodd


No Lyrics