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Written by Lou Baxter & Johnny Moore

“Merry Christmas, Baby” was a soul/r&b holiday standard supposedly written around 1947 by the late pianist and singer Charles Brown (1922-1999). Brown was a member of Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers who recorded the original version of the song. Eventually it was Johnny Moore (1906-1969), not Brown for unexplained reasons, who was credited for writing “Merry Christmas, Baby” with fellow songwriter Lou Baxter.

Through the years, “Merry Christmas, Baby” has become a standard covered by many singers including superstars Otis Redding (1941-1967), Elvis Presley (1935-1977) and Bruce Springsteen.

The song was reworked for UK superstar Sir Rod Stewart, who made it the title track of his 2012 Christmas album. The whole Merry Christmas Baby project was produced by David Foster. The cd became the most successful festive album of 2012. Merry Christmas Baby reached the top of the charts worldwide with millions of records sold internationally. Stewart’s version of “Merry Christmas Baby” sported a delicious retro-touch and catchy, feel-good power. That positive mood was enhanced by the appearance of r&b star Cee-Lo Green who duets with the Scottish rocker. This groovin’ version, perfectly crafted by the Hitman, was also included on Green’s Cee-Lo Magic Moment that was another big seller of the 2012 holiday season.


[audio:|titles=Merry Christmas, Baby|artists=Rod Stewart & Cee-Lo Green]

Lead Vocals: Rod Stewart & Cee-Lo Green
Keyboards: David Foster
Guitar: Dean Parks
Percussion: Matt O’Connor
Baritone Saxophone: Don Oestreicher
Trombone & Trumpet: Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews
Tenor Saxophone: Tim McFatter
Synthesizer & Programming: Jochem van der Saag
Backing Vocals: Bridget Cady, Dieyelle Reed & Kimberley Johnson

Horns Arranged by David Foster
Produced & Arranged by David Foster


Merry Christmas baby
Sure do treat me nice
Merry Christmas baby
Sure do treat me nice
Bought me a diamond ring for Christmas
I feel like I’m in paradise

I feel mighty fine, y’all
I’ve got music on my radio
Feel mighty fine, girl
I’ve got music on my radio, oh, oh, oh
I feel like I’m gonna kiss you
Standing beneath that mistletoe

Santa came down the chimney
Half past three, y’all
Left all them good ole presents
For my baby and for me, ha, ha, ha

Merry Christmas baby
Sure do treat me nice
You bought me all those good ole presents
I love you baby rest of my life

Merry Christmas, girl
Merry, merry, merry Christmas baby
Sure do treat me nice
Merry Christmas baby
I said you sure do treat me nice
You bought all those lovely things, yeah
I feel like I’m in paradise

I wish you a merry Christmas baby
Happy new year, ha
A merry Christams, honey
Everything here is beautiful
I love you, baby
For everything that you give me
I love you, honey