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Written by David Foster, Paul Anka & David Wolfert

The romantic ballad “Don’t Ever Say Goodbye” was one of the first collaborations by veteran singing star Paul Anka with a young and supremely gifted David Foster. “Don’t Ever Say Goodbye” was originally included on Anka’s 1978 album, Listen To Your Heart. The song also bore the signature of David Wolfert who produced Listen To Your Heart along the lines of the most sophisticated easy listening of the late seventies. One of the most sought-after music-makers of the genre, Wolfert wrote, arranged and produced significant stuff for the likes of Barbra Streisand, Melissa Manchester, Dusty Springfield, Dolly Parton and Cher .

In 1979, Anka supervised Between To Hearts, an album by Florida-born singer Sandy Contella. A good singer, Contella started his career back as a teenager in the early sixties with a few single releases. With its adult contemporary atmospheres, Between Two Hearts bears more than a reference to Anka who co-wrote the bulk of the album. Anka brought the great Don Costa of Frank Sinatra fame into the project to work on the more traditional arrangements. Anka enlisted Foster and his partner in crime, Jay Graydon, to give a different musical twist to a few songs. A good example was the refined instrumental track that Foster and Graydon crafted for “Don’t Ever Say Goodbye.” Compared to Anka’s version, the Contella take was more up-to-date, founded on the Hitman’s clever keyboard work and embellished by Graydon’s trademark guitar playing. They provided a few different musical ideas here and there with great benefit to the overall recording. Contella did a nice job with his vocal performance, competently guided by Anka on the project.
Between Two Hearts presented a few more goodies to catch including the refined pop/soul “Slowdown” which was written by Anka who recorded it on his Music Man album. “Life Song,” a mid-tempo pop tune arranged by Michael Colombier with Anka on backing vocals, the jazzy ballad “Together Again” and “Strangers,” arranged by Foster and Graydon, were some more excellent songs to enjoy from the album.


[audio:|titles=Don’t Ever Say Goodbye|artists=Sandy Contella]

Lead Vocals: Sandy Contella
Keyboards: David Foster
Guitars: Jay Graydon
Backing Vocals: Bill Champlin, Venette Gloud & Carmen Twillie

Arranged by Jay Graydon & David Foster
Executive Producer: Paul Anka


Could i possibly deceive it ?
no, i think I’d rather leave it, than to tell a lie.
there’s no meaning to forever, then, I’ll settle for together, till the day we die.
touching you becomes a very special part of me;
suddenly, i find you where i really want to be;
knowing where you roll my eyes can see.
don’t ever say goodbye; don’t ever leave my side;
as long as we’re together, you and i; don’t ever say goodbye.
we will take each moment’s pleasure and the passion be the measure of the love we share.
I’m a pleasant kind of poet, with the strongest eye to show it. he’s standing there.
when i sometimes wonder if my love’s stronger enough to last,
I catch myself and say “you, fool, spoke too fast”;
live today, forget about the past.
don’t ever say goodbye; don’t ever leave my side;
as long as we’re together, you and i; don’t ever say goodbye.