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written by David Foster, Andrea Bocelli & Amy Foster

“Ama Credi E Vai,” also known as “Because We Believe,” is a powerful, operatic song co-written by international superstar Andrea Bocelli with super-producer David Foster. The English lyrics were written by Foster’s daughter Amy.

The song was originally included in Bocelli’s 2006 multi-platinum smash hit “Amore.” The Italian tenor also performed the song at the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

“Because We Believe” was released as a single worldwide. To ignite interest, Bocelli’s voice was paired with two other famous European performers, Dutch singer Marco Borsato and Italian rock icon Gianna Nannini. These two singers helped bring the song to the Top Ten in several countries. The duet between Bocelli’s trademark tenor voice and Nannini’s rocking style works quite well, adding an interesting pop flavour to the classical-inspired tune. In Italy, “Ama Credi E Vai” was released on a four track cd-single. It had two versions of the Bocelli/Nannini duet and Bocelli’s solo version of “Because We Believe” from “Amore.” The fourth track was an instrumental version of the song that showcases Foster’s piano playing and the superb orchestral arrangement. “Because We Believe” was later covered by successful recording acts The Canadian Tenors and Celtic Thunder.


[audio:|titles=Ama Credi e Vai|artists=Bocelli & Nannini]

Lead Vocals: Andrea Bocelli & Gianna Nannini
Acoustic Piano & Keyboards: David Foster
Guitar: Michael Thompson & Dean Parks
Bass: Nathan East
Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta

Arranged by David Foster
Orchestral Arrangement by Bill Ross
Produced by David Foster & Humberto Gatica
Co-Produced by Tony Renis


Guarda fuori gia’ mattina
questo e un giorno che ricorderai
alzati in fretta e vai
ce chi crede in te
non ti arrendere
il sole alto gia’ ti chiama
e qualcosa in te gia’ trema
metti le ali
al bambino che c’e in te
e lui correra’

ama credo e so
che per vincere tu dovrai vincere
ama credi e vai
e tutto quell’ attimo darai

guarda avanti e non voltarti mai
accarezza poi i sogni tuoi
le tue speranze e poi
verso il giorno che verra’
c’e un traguardo la

amo credo e so
che per vincere tu dovrai vincere
ama credi e vai
e tutto quell’ attimo volerai

non arrenderti qualcuno e con te

ama credi e vai
non voltarti mai
e per vincere
dovrai vincere
e allora vincerai.