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written by Michael Bolton, Diane Warren & Andy Goldmark

Between the Eighties and the Nineties, saxophone sensation Kenny Gorelick, better known as Kenny G, quickly became the most important name in smooth jazz with platinum plus sales, hit singles, Grammy wins and sold-out tours. The pinnacle of his popularity was reached in 1992 with the release of his album, “Breathless.” It was a well conceived collection of mostly pop instrumentals that showcased his tasteful playing and good songwriting skills. “Breathless” went on to be certified twelve times platinum, thus becoming one of the all-time best sellers in popular music.

On that album, David Foster appeared as co-producer of the two vocal tracks. Foster already had the sax virtuoso as a guest on a couple of his projects, “Rechordings” and “Voices That Care.” On “Breathless,” the Canadian super-producer collaborated with fellow music-maker, Walter Afanasieff. Together they crafted “Even If My Heart Would Break,” sung by Aaron Neville and “By The Times This Night Is Over” with guest performer Peabo Bryson. The first song, co-written by Franne Golde and Adrian Gurvitz, became a top thirty AC hit and was eventually included on the extremely popular soundtrack, “The Bodyguard.” “By The Times This Night Is Over,” co-written by Michael Bolton with Diane Warren and Andy Goldmark, was a multi-format hit in 1993 reaching #1 on the AC chart, #25 on Hot 100 and #37 on the R&B chart. This sweet mid-tempo was arranged by Afanasieff and beautifully sung by Bryson with G’s soprano sax basically dueting with the veteran R&B star and embellishing the final result. The production by two giants like Foster and Afanasieff was obviously top notch. Foster and the saxophone superstar have been friends ever since. Gorelick was often a guest on Foster’s various charities and shows while the hitman produced more music on Gorelick’s “Classics In The Key Of G.”


[audio:|titles=By The Time This Time Is Over|artists=Kenny G]

Soprano Saxophone: Kenny G
Lead Vocals: Peabo Bryson
Keyboards, Synth Bass & Drums: Walter Afanasieff
Keyboards & Programming: Dan Shea
Guitar: Michael Thompson
Ren Klyce & Gary Cimirelli: Syncavier Programming
Backing Vocals: Phillip Ingram, Lynn Davis, Fred White, Jim Gilstrap, Pat Hawk, Portia Griffin, Rose Stone & Vann Johnson

Arranged by Walter Afanasieff
Produced by David Foster & Walter Afanasieff



Silence takes over
Saying all we need to say
There’s endless possibilities
In the moves we can make
Your kiss is giving every indication
If this heart of mine is right

By the times this night is over
The stars are gonna shine on two lovers in love
And when the morning comes
It’s gonna find us together
In a love that’s just begun

By the time this night is over
Two heart are gonna fly to the heaven above
And we’ll get closer and closer and closer
By the time this night is over

Lets take it slow and ease it back
Just lay back and love take us over
There’s magic here with you and I
And it’s gonna take us all the way
Lets find some kind of deeper comversation
And darling if it’s right

By the time this night is over
The stars are gonna shine on two loves in love
And when the morning comes
It’s gonna find us together
In a love that just begun
By the time this night is over