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from I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU  (iTunes single)

written by David Foster

“I Will Be There With You” is a special project that David Foster prepared around 2008 for the Japanese airline company, Jal. On that occasion, the Canadian hitmaker wrote this beautiful instrumental while his daughter Amy added the right lyrics to it. Katharine McPhee, the gifted singer of American Idol fame and frequent Foster collaborator, sung the track, produced by Foster with Jochem van der Saag, that became part of an important campaign for the airline company.

A couple of years later, popular Japanese star, Anri recorded a new version of the song with Japanese lyrics to be included on her 2011 album, “Heart To Heart-With You.” Both versions of the song benefit from Foster’s state of the art backing track and are absolutely great to listen to also thanks to both singers’ superior talents and wonderful voices.  Foster’s instrumental version of “I Will Be There With You” was eventually released on iTunes internationally. As great as both vocal versions are, we think that Foster’s piano version is more appealing to fans cause it echoes his excellent instrumentals of the Eighties, especially his hit single, “Love Theme From St. Elmo’s Fire.” His work on the acoustic piano surrounded by the lush orchestra and tasteful synth programming by van der Saag  is absolutely priceless and a true sonic pleasure.
As we said “I Will Be There With You” can be found on iTunes and we urge you to go and buy it to enjoy once again the greatness of Foster’s touch and his unique ability to create an instrumental pop classic.


[audio:|titles=I Will Be There With You|artists=David Foster]

Acoustic Piano: David Foster
Keyboards & Drum Programming: Jochem van der Saag

Arranged by David Foster
Strings Orchestrated by Brad Dechter
Produced by David Foster & Jochem van der Saag




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