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by Tomi Malm

written by David Foster, Jay Graydon, Bill Champlin & Alan Paul

“Fly Away: The Songs Of David Foster,” released in 2009, was an outstanding tribute to Foster’s unique artistry and fantastic songbook. Released by Spanish Label Contante & Sonante, it was also a showcase for the amazing talent of Finnish arranger/producer, Tomi Malm who was the mastermind behind the whole work.

During the sessions for “Fly Away: The Songs Of David Foster,” Malm recorded an instrumental take of the Manhattan Transfer’s classic, “Smile Again.” This breathtaking ballad was originally co-written by Foster with his old partners in crime, Jay Graydon and Bill Champlin plus lyrics written by Man Tran’s singer, Alan Paul.
Malm reworked the track as an homage to Foster’s instrumental tunes of the late eighties and nineties with prominent piano playing and programmed background.
The tune was released as a bonus track on the I-Tunes Japanese Edition of “Fly Away: The Songs Of David Foster.” Recently, Malm has recorded a new version of the track with added vocals on the chorus by gifted Korean singer, SunHo Lim and kindly offered it to fans through our page.
“Smile Again” is one of Foster’s best melodies ever and this instrumental take is absolutely delicious and a joy to listen to.
We’d also like to take this opportunity for a shout-out to Contante & Sonante’s latest project, “Tom Snow – Original Demos,” a wonderful collection of songs all co-written by the legendary songwriter and sung by the late, unforgettable, Warren Wiebe. Check it out!


[audio:|titles=Smile Again|artists=SunHo Lim]

Vocals: SunHo Lim
Keyboards: Tomi Malm
Guitars: Michael Landau & Porty
Harmonica: Tollak
Backing Vocals: Tomi Malm.
Produced & Arranged by Tomi Malm


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