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written by Christopher Bond

The Hudson Brothers were a pop group formed in Portland, Oregon. They achieved some success in the Seventies with catchy Top Forty tunes like “So You Are A Star” and “Rendezvous.”Brothers Mark, Brett and Bill Hudson released a few albums that showcased their good vocal harmonies applied to a music style pretty much influenced by The Beatles and Beach Boys. For a couple of years they were signed to Elton John’s Rocket label. They collaborated with heavyweights like Bernie Taupin, who produced a couple of their albums, and Beach Boys’ Bruce Johnston, who co-wrote material with them. Then in 1978, the trio was signed by Arista Records who probably saw the talented brothers as their potential answer to The Bee Gees. Consequently, The Hudson Brothers’ album, “The Truth About Us,” leans toward a disco/pop sound close to the Brothers Gibb with frequent use of falsetto over danceable beats while still keeping the group’s Beatles-esque harmonies. “The Truth About Us” was produced by Tony Macaulay with a couple tracks produced by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter. Among the session guys appearing are guitarist Dean Parks, who also arranged a couple of songs, and David Foster on keyboards. The stuff included is quite pleasant though musically very light with a few catchy highlights. The opener “Runaway” is a breezy, vocal homage to The Beatles and Beach Boys while the convincing mid-tempo “Help Wanted” features Foster’s trademark bass synthesizer sound.


[audio:|titles=Help Wanted|artists=The Hudson Brothers]

Lead & Guitar: Mark Hudson
Guitar & Backing Vocals: Bill Hudson
Drums & Backing Vocals: Billy Thomas & Mark Hudson
Bass & Backing Vocals: Brett Hudson
Keyboards: David Foster, Jim Snyder & Eric Bycales
Guitar: Dean Parks
Percussion: Randy Foote

Arranged by Dean Parks
Produced by Dennis Lambert & Brian Potter


Blue lonely nights are all I seem to remember about her
Nobody told me about her
I deserve the right to put it all behind me and live me life
I’m gonna live it without her
It’s easier said than done
I need someone sooner or later
I spend every night at home
So I put an add in the paper

Help Wanted
It’s personal, won’t you please help me
I got to shake this aching feeling
Or I could spend the rest of my life healing
Help Wanted
It’s personal, won’t you please help me
I can’t do it all alone
So won’t you call the listed phone below
And talk to me (talk to me)

I know some cold hearted people
If they knew, I’m sure they’d laugh at me
But I don’t care much about it
For somebody new, who’s not afraid to take a chance with me
Or we could take it or leave it
I don’t care who you are, you’ll need someone sooner or later
Then I’ve been cold before, but I think I’ll change for the better


When I think of all the lonely people looking for someone
When I think of all the days and nights I thought I was the only one