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written by Amii Ozaki

This week we go back again to David Foster’s work  for Japanese artists. In the early Eighties, the Canadian music-maker worked on the albums “Hot Baby” and “Air Kiss” for veteran singer Amii Ozaki.

We already reviewed “Hot Baby” in the past and now focus our attention on the second release.

“Air Kiss” was completely arranged by Foster who left his thumbprint throughout the Ozaki composed and produced material. The music included is very interesting for Foster aficionados who can enjoy his outstanding keyboard playing and inventive arrangements. “Air Kiss” presents good songs like the refined rocker, “Foggy Night” with great guitar work by Michael Landau and a breezy, up-tempo “Innocent Baby.” There are also a few good ballads with the absolute best being “Rouge Of Glass (You And Me).” It’s a smooth, R&B-influenced song that sports a fantastic arrangement by Foster who’s also in the spotlight with his various keyboards wonderfully supported by Landau’s amazing guitars and Michael Baird’s drums. Ozaki’s vocals are solid and the result is truly a gem of a song; an absolute delight for those who love Foster’s vintage stuff.


[audio:|titles=You and Me|artists=Amii Ozaki]

Lead Vocal: Amii Ozaki
Keyboards & Mini Moog Bass: David Foster
Drums: Michael Baird
Guitar & Bass: Michael Landau

Arranged by David Foster
Produced by Yuzo Watanabe & Amii Ozaki


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