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written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & Al Jarreau

The albums that Al Jarreau released in the early eighties under Jay Graydon’s production have a level of sophistication and musicianship that are absolutely impressive and rightly considered some of the best quality Pop ever conceived.

The singer’s unique voice and style was the perfect tool in Graydon’s capable hands. Their mix of Jazz, Pop and Soul was very catchy yet refined and musically complex. Those records saw the full blooming of the rare talents of Graydon and David Foster, a key figure co-writing wonderful songs, arranging and playing. One of those magnificent songs is “Mornin’” that was a hit single in 1983 and became one of Jarreau’s signature tunes. Another lesser-known Foster and Graydon collaboration included on “Jarreau” was entitled “Save Me.”

The words smooth and elegant aren’t enough to explain the absolute joy this song gives the listener. Foster’s keyboards own the slow intro and are soon joined by the singer’s warm voice as the song develops into an up-tempo Soul/Jazz jam. Steve Gadd on drums and Abe Laboriel on bass are the perfect rhythm section, tight and powerful yet gentle at the same time. Jerry Hey arranged the incredible horns that adds even more punch and energy to the song. The production is fantastic, Graydon’s talent is immense and, as always, his collaboration with Foster is a true work of art. “Save Me” was released as the b-side on the third single off “Jarreau” entitled “Trouble In Paradise.” That was another ear candy song co-written by Graydon with Greg Mathieson and Trevor Veitch. It became a minor hit on both the Pop and R&B charts respectively at #63 and #66 and it was also a top forty in the UK.


[audio:|titles=Save Me|artists=Al Jarreau]

Lead & Background Vocals: Al Jarreau
Drums: Steve Gadd
Bass: Abraham Laboriel
Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes & Synthesizers: David Foster
Additional Synthesizer: Theopilus T. Blood
Synthesizer Programming: Steve Porcaro
Guitar: Jay Graydon
Trumpet: Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley & Gary Grant
Trombone: Bill Reichenbach & Lew McCrary

Rhythm Arrangements: David Foster & Jay Graydon
Horn Arrangements: Jerry Hey
Produced by Jay Graydon


Someone wrote just yesterday
“Love’s in need of love today”
Will there be none tomorrow

Faded feelings, jaded news
Where’s the tender hearts
that love romance, they
seem so few

So, I write these words to say
Take heart have faith
in love’s tomorrow
Where our precious dreams
will all come true

Heaven knows what I’ve
been through
searching for a heart that’s true
Is there one in a million?

Though I’ve often failed the test
Everyone must journey till
that questioning is through

Shine a star for me to see what
children see on Christmas morning
Every hope and dream
to be renewed

Heaven only knows how I hope
that chance of love is higher
than one in a million

I’m a dreamer I confess
but my dreams are only of
the best that we can do

So, I’ll keep on counting sheep
and will not sleep until the dawning

Help me break the news, eternal
love just beat the blues

Save me from no love
(you oughta save me)
Save me from no love
Say sweet love has come
and is not gone,
there is all, that I want,
this morning

Save me from no love
(you oughta save me)
Save me from no love
Say sweet love has come
and will live on,
Never gone, ever on,
(strong), eternally (forever)

Now I’ve done the best I can, girl
I need a helping hand
Are you one in a million?

People leave without good-byes
Stay with me, for through your
eyes I see another truth

You’re the star and now I see what
children see on Christmas morning

Stay and see it through the gift
of love returned to you


I’m searchin’ for love, baby,
been lookin’ today
somewhere there’s a love, baby,
do you know the way?


Save me, save me
You’ve got to save me
Save me, save me
Baby, you can save me
Save me, save me
You’ve got to save me
from no love