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written by David Foster, David Paich & Leon Ware

Pianist Ramsey Lewis and singer Nancy Wilson are two legends of the soul/jazz world. As a duo they have released three albums; “The Two Of Us” in 1984, “Meant To Be” in 2002 and “Simple Pleasures” in 2003.

Their first collaboration, “The Two Of Us,” is produced by bass virtuoso Stanley Clarke. It is a pleasure to listen to Wilson’s unique voice backed up by Lewis’ brilliant work on the acoustic piano though the programmed drums and heavy use of synthesizers sound a bit dated and cheesy, especially on the funk/jazz instrumentals. On the other hand, the selection of songs presents a few smart choices like the ballad “Midnight Rendezvous,” originally on David Roberts’ wonderful and little-known masterpiece “All Dressed Up,” the intense title track co-written by Jeremy Lubbock and Vassal Benford, plus the elegant “Never Wanna Say Goodnight.” Another highlight is “Slippin’ Away,” a mid-tempo R&B number co-written by David Foster, David Paich of Toto fame and the soul great Leon Ware who recorded it on his 1982 self-titled masterpiece. On this tune and throughout the whole record, Wilson shines vocally while being well supported by Lewis and many top class musicians and singers.


[audio:|titles=Slippin’ Away|artists=Nancy Wilson]

Lead Vocals: Nancy Wilson
Piano: Ramsey Lewis
Keyboards: Don Freeman & Robert Brookins
Guitar: Paul Jackson, Jr.
Drums: John Robinson & Ricky Lawson
Bass: Freddy Washington

Produced by Stanley Clarke


And now you seem so far away
When only yesterday
I thought that we were getting’ closer

It’s like I’m hangin’ on a line
Hopin’ you’ll take time enough to notice
That we both could understand

Do you want to live alone
Lookin’ past the places where
A seed of love could grow and
The future would be lastin’ love
But somehow you

Just keep slippin’ away
Why you wanna
Keep on slippin’ away
Somehow in your heart I hope)
You will see that I am on your side
I am on your side

I can’t believe it takes so long
‘Cause something that’s so strong can surely
Take away the weakness

Maybe I haven’t made it clear
But day after day and year by year
I’ll keep sayin’

When my imagination’s gone
There’s a warm reality
That helps me make the space
Between us so much closer
And you won’t keep slippin’ away

You ain’t gonna keep on slippin’ away
Somehow in your mind I know
You will see that I am on your side
I am on your side