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Written by Dave Robbins, Jeff Sibar & Van Stephenson

Singer Juice Newton achieved very good success throughout the eighties with her personal mix of pop, adult contemporary and country. She started the decade with crossover top ten hits like “Break It To Me Gently,” “Queen Of Hearts,” “The Sweetest Thing (I’ve Ever Known)” and “Angel Of The Morning” from her successful albums “Juice” and “Quiet Lies.”

In 1983 Newton released a “Dirty Looks,” another well-dosed collection of pop songs with country overtones showcasing her impressive voice. Some of the arrangements have a light rock edge like the title track, the powerful “Keeping Me On My Toes,” and a cover of Marc Jordan’s fantastic tune “Slipping Away” that was originally on his “Hole In The Wall” album. There are also catchy pop moments like the hit single “Tell Her No” and “Twenty Years Ago” that went on to be a huge hit for Kenny Rogers.

Richard Landis produced “Dirty Looks” and presented the cream of session men including David Foster. At the time, Foster was already an established producer, but was still doing some session work. Here he was asked to put his personal stamp on the sweet ballad “Til I Loved You.” The song, co-written by top songwriter Van Stephenson, is perfect adult contemporary stuff, beautifully sung by the singer accompanied by Foster’s trademark piano and rhodes. “Til I Loved You” was covered in 1985 by Restless Heart and reached the top ten on the country charts.

Newton went in a stronger country direction with her following releases and kept having good success until the end of the eighties.


[audio:|titles=Til I Love You|artists=Juice Newton]

Lead Vocals: Juice Newton
Drums: Rick Shlosser
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
Electric Guitar: George Doering
Acoustic Guitar: Fred Tackett
Piano & Fender Rhodes: David Foster
Synthesizer Programming: Michel Casey Young
Synthesizer: Vince Di Cola
Backing Vocals: Tommy Funderburk, Tom Kelly & Tim Schmit

Arranged by Charles Calello
Produced by Richard Landis


Til I loved you

I didn’t know the meaning of the word.
I was only takin’
Giving nothing in return
My life was an empty page
Less than an even trade
Til I loved you
My heart was an island unto itself
I thought I needed no one
Til I looked into your eyes
I knew it all right then
I saw what a fool I’d been

Til I loved you (til I loved you)
I didn’t know what I was missin’
Til I loved you
Taught me that dreamers don’t need
wings to fly

Til I loved you
I had never tasted tears of joy
When I take you in my arms
There’s no doubt in my mind
This is where I belong
The loneliness is gone
I was livin’ my life all wrong
Til I loved you