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Written by Carman

Carman, aka Dominic Licciardello, is one of the most successful artists in Contemporary Christian music. From his debut in 1984, this church minister and singer has released a long string of hit albums on the CCM charts and has won several music awards.

In 1993, Carman updated his style a bit on a new album entitled “The Standard.” The singer/songwriter got more song oriented and in the process collaborated with big pop producers like Robbie Buchanan, Michael Omartian, Brown Bannister and David Foster. Foster was the executive producer for the meaningful, keyboard-driven ballad, “The River.” “The River” became the #1 inspirational song of the year while “The Standard” was another chart topper for the singer and was certified platinum.

That same year saw another collaboration between Carman and Foster on the song “Serve The Lord.”  It was a new recording included on Carman’s first greatest hits album “The Absolute Best.” The result is another intense ballad that quite effectively mixes Carman’s inspirational lyrics with Foster’s trademark pop/adult contemporary arrangement and state of the art production. “Serve The Lord” was another #1 CCM single while “The Absolute Best” was also certified platinum. During an interview a few years later, Foster declared that working with Carman was one of the most spiritual experiences of his life.


[audio:|titles=Serve the lord|artists=Carman

Lead Vocals: Carman
Keyboards: David Foster
Synthesizer Programming & Drums: Claude Gaudette
Guitar: Michael Thompson
Backing Vocals: West Angeles Church Of God In Christ Mass Choir

Produced by David Foster


I believe in God the Father
Jesus Christ, His only Son
And the blessed Holy Spirit
Distinct, yet three in one

I believe there is forgiveness
For everything we’ve done
That is why all the more
I will serve Him

I believe the Son of God
Was crucified upon the tree
And laid within a borrowed tomb
Not far from calvary
I believe He rose up from the dead
Alive for all to see
That is why all the more
I will serve Him

I have made my decision / We have made our decision
I have STAKED my claim / We have STAKED our claim
I have drawn a line in the sand / We have drawn a line in the sand
And I’ll not be ashamed / And we won’t be ashamed
With the world behind me / With the world behind me us
And the cross before
By the grace of God
I will serve the Lord / We will serve the Lord

I believe you must be born again
John 3:16 is true
The old life can be washed away
Everything made new
I believe the love of God
Can somehow find its way to you
That is why all the more
I will serve Him

(Repeat Chorus)

And I know when Satan and his minions
Come to torment me
When I invoke the name of Jesus
Every demon has to flee
I know the time will come
When Christ returns again someday
Till then there’s just one name on Earth
Whereby men can be safe

I believe there is a right and wrong
A time to live a die
And the Bible is the blueprint
That all men should live by
I believe I’m not alone
With my faith in Jesus Christ
That is why all the more
We will serve Him

(Repeat Chorus – We…)

(Repeat Chorus)

By the grace of God
I will serve the Lord

By the grace of God
I will serve the Lord