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Written by David Foster & Linda Thompson

“I have just listened to the tribute album. You guys did a fantastic, incredible job. Really, it was such a treat to hear all 14 tracks in a row–some songs I had forgotten about like the Robert Lamm collaboration (When Will The World). The production was as if i was doing it myself, the singing is stellar, the time, care and love is in every moment of every piece. I don’t know how you guys did it, but you should all be very proud of your accomplishment.

Your love of music is glaring and your passion shows in every note. Please pass this and copy this email along to everyone involved, the arrangers, singers, musicians, engineers, mixers, producers. Just a great tribute and something that not too many people on the planet have happen to them or for them. Way to go! Best, your fan David.”
David Foster wrote this heartfelt note right after he received the mastered copy of “Fly Away – The Songs Of David Foster.” This tribute is a labor of love dedicated to Foster’s timeless artistry. Conceived and realized by the brilliant Spanish independent label, Contante & Sonante, “Fly Away – The Songs Of David Foster” brings new life to some of the brighter gems in one of the most successful repertoires in the history of pop music. This record is chock full of amazing covers of many of Foster’s most loved hits and also some lesser known wonders. “Fly Away – The Songs Of David Foster” presents quality pop music at its finest. Many of the world’s best singers and musicians lent their talents to the project under the direction of producer/arranger extraordinaire, Tomi Malm from Finland. Foster himself kindly appeared on the album and also found in his vaults an unreleased ballad performed by the unforgettable Warren Wiebe. This special song is entitled “Live Each Day” and was recorded at Chartmaker in the nineties. Malm’s built a wonderful new arrangement around Wiebe’s original vocal and the result is pure bliss. We strongly suggest you to order this album and enjoy the magic of Foster’s music remade with such bravura, love and respect.



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Lead Vocal: Warren Wiebe
Piano, Keyboards & Bass: Tomi Malm
Mandolin, Acoustic & Electric Guitars: Dan Warner

Produced & Arranged by Tomi Malm
Warren Wiebe’s Vocals courtesy of David Foster




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