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Written by Daryl Hall

Daryl Hall & John Oates are among the most successful duos in the history of popular music. Their sophisticated mix of pop/rock and soul dominated the charts in the eighties. During their chart-topping years, Hall & Oates scored 28 Top 40 hits including six number ones. Their songbook includes gems like “Kiss On My List,” “Private Eyes,” “Sara Smile” and “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do).” The superior level of their songwriting was enhanced by Hall’s trademark tenor voice and the craft of the arrangements and production. David Foster, at an early stage of his career, worked with Hall & Oates on two albums, “Along The Red Ledge” and “X-Static.” Both records showcase the developing talents of the duo as they were setting the musical foundations of their future, successful style. There are many good songs on those records, but probably the most important is the great ballad, “Wait For Me.” Written by Hall, “Wait For Me” was a trendsetter for Hall & Oates’ future hits and a major hit itself, reaching the Top 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

“Wait For Me” is a creamy, up-tempo ballad with a memorable guitar intro and an irresistible refrain. Foster’s production is pristine and his acoustic piano finely supports Hall’s superb singing. “Wait For Me” can be found on “The Ultimate Hall + Oates” along with all the duo’s most loved hits. Released in 2004, “The Ultimate Hall + Oates” is a double cd compilation that takes a wonderful trip through some of the best pop music ever recorded.


[audio:|titles=Wait for me|artists=Daryl Hall & John Oates]

Lead & Backing Vocals: Daryl Hall & John Oates
Keyboards & Synths: David Foster & Daryl Hall
Guitars: John Oates, G.E. Smith & Jay Graydon
Bass: John Siegler, Neil Jason & Kenny Passarelli
Drums: Jerry Marotta & Yogi Horton
Percussion: Jimmy Maelen
Synths programming: Larry Fast, Steve Porcaro & George Bitzer
Produced by David Foster


Midnight hour almost over
Time is running out for the magic pair
I know you gave the best that you have
But one more chance
couldnt be all that hard to bear.

Wait for me please
Wait for me
Alright, I guess
thats more than I should ask
Wait for me please
Wait for me
Although I know the light is fading fast.

You could go either way
Is it easier to stay
I wonder what youll do
when your chance rolls around
But you gotta know how much I want to keep you
When Im away Im afraid it will all fall down.

Love is what it does and ours is doing nothing
But all the time we spent
It must be good for something
Please forgive all the disturbance Im creating
But you gotta lot to learn if you think that Im not
waiting for you