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Written by David Foster & Linda Thompson

“All I Want” is a suggestive composition that David Foster and Linda Thompson co-wrote for the soundtrack of the 1991 movie, “All I Want For Christmas.” The song weaves a sweet and tender atmosphere. It is enhanced by the presence of Stephen Bishop, one of the most personal storytellers of the west coast scene in the past thirty years. As a composer, Bishop is well-known for hits like “On And On” and the Academy Award nominated, “Separate Lives.” He’s also the singer that brought “It Might Be You” from “Tootsie” to the top of the charts in 1983. For this occasion, Foster and Bishop joined forces to create the perfectly crafted pop/rock ballad. From its keyboard intro to the classic progression, “All I Want” belongs to the noble tradition of productions like “Hard Habit To Break” and “We’ve Got Tonight.” Foster’s thumbprints are all over the keyboard-based arrangement that, with a well-dosed use of guitars and orchestra, backs up Bishop’s delicate and intense performance. We would also like to point out the valuable work of Tim Pierce on guitar and the tight rhythm section of Chester Thompson on drums and Jimmy Johnson on bass.


[audio:|titles=All i want|artists=Stephen Bishop]

Lead Vocals: Stephen Bishop
Keyboards: David Foster
Synclavier Programming: Simon Franglen
Drums: Chester Thompson
Guitars: Tim Pierce
Bass: Jimmy Johnson
Produced & Arranged by David Foster
Orchestra Arrangement by David Campbell


all I want
is what I had back then
when time was my friend
when love didn’t end
all I want
is what I have with you
is that too much to ask?
can dreams still come true?

don’t look down on me with compromise
you can see the world from my point of view
it’s all up to you

all I want – is the promise you’ll stay
all I want – is one more yesterday
no I don’t mean to oversimplify
but I cross my heart and hope to die

all I want
is everything I lost
no matter what the cost
’cause I’ve already paid
all I want
is a memory or two
like the ones I had with you
I can’t let it go

repeat chorus

all I want – I must confess – is togetherness
with just a little tenderness
with just a little tenderness
and the youngest heart must pay the price

repeat chorus