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Written by David Foster & Jack Blades

Roger Daltrey is an international music icon best known as the lead singer of the revolutionary UK rock group, The Who. He has fronted The Who for more than 40 years, singing immortal rock anthems like “My Generation,” “I Can See For Miles,” “I’m Free” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” He also had a prominent movie career starting in 1975 with his debut in “Tommy,” the famous rock opera written by band mate Pete Townsend and directed by Ken Russell. He went on to appear in several movies, TV shows and stage productions.
Daltrey had a good solo singing career, releasing eight albums between 1973 and 1996. In 1987, the singer was signed to Atlantic Records. He collaborated with David Foster on “The Price Of Love” that was included on Daltrey’s solo album, “Can’t Wait To See The Movie” and also on the successful soundtrack of “The Secret Of My Success.” “The Price Of Love” is a strong, up-tempo rocker co-written by Foster with Night Ranger’s singer/bassist Jack Blades. The song follows the footsteps of the best AOR sounds of the time, embellished by Daltrey’s unmistakable voice and Foster’s peerless studio expertise. Daltrey’s “Can’t Wait To See The Movie” is a good collection of solid pop/rock songs written by other famous AOR names like Russ Ballard, Chas Sanford, Tom Kelly and Richie Zito.


[audio:|titles=The price of love|artists=Roger Daltrey]

Vocals: Roger Daltrey
Keyboards: David Foster
Saxophone & Synthesizer: David Boruff
Synthesizer Programming: Mike Boddiker
Drum Overdub: Tris Imboden
Guitars: Mike Landau
Produced & Arranged by David Foster


Feel it alright
It’s the same with me too
There’s something that’s taken a hold of us
All that we say and we do
Just look at our lives

We run thru the day
And stare at the night
Is your head full of noises?
For me, Well, it’s just like
The fourth of July

Maybe it’s change
Or the time of the year
Or is it the way
That you hold me so near

I swear it’s the price of love
Now I gaze at the lights
Of burning read sky
And keep hearing the sound of your voice
(Can’t shake the sound of your voice)
As you asked me to stay for awhile
Just look at us now

The world let go
Our hearts showed the way
For a moment I swear
It was heaven right there
On that warm August day

Then you said to me
‘It was time that I go’
But time goes so slowly when I’m all done
I swear it’s the price
I swear it’s the price of love

Different emotions
For you and for me
So love is it all
That it’s made out to be
When I look in your eyes
We touch and we smile
It all gets so easy
So clear
And so wild

Walk on the beach with the wind in your hair
Tides rushing over these moments we share
I swear it’s the price
I swear it’s the price
I swear it’s the price of love