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Written by David Foster & Boz Scaggs

William Royce Scaggs, better known as Boz Scaggs, is one of the most soulful performers of the past 40 years. His albums like “Silk Degrees” and “Middle Man” stand tall among the best examples of blue-eyed soul music. Scaggs started the new millennium with an enchanting record entitled “Dig.” This release is strong evidence that the man still can’t be beat when it comes to those intoxicating Pop/R&B melodies often tinged with jazz and blues overtones. In 2004 he taped a series of concerts in San Francisco compiled into a wonderful CD/DVD entitled “Greatest Hits Live.” Scaggs’ old collaborator, David Paich of Toto fame, produced the CD. On this project, the singer revisits the brilliant pieces of his songbook supported by a tight, smooth backing band that include pros like Drew Zingg (Steely Dan) on guitar, John Ferraro (Larry Carlton) on drums, and session master Matt Bissonette on bass. The CD includes gems like “Lowdown,” “Miss Sun,” “Jojo” and “Look What You’ve Done To Me,” the last two co-written with David Foster in the early eighties. All songs included are offered to the listener with faithful performances yet giving a new twist to these evergreens. “Greatest Hits Live” is truly an entertaining work that presents Scaggs in fine vocal form and all the musicians giving strong performances with many excellent solos. Scaggs showcases his mellow and sophisticated side yet also moves into blues/rock territory on songs like the successful “Lido Shuffle” and “Breakdown Dead Ahead,” another hit collaboration with Foster. “Breakdown Dead Ahead” is a rousing number that features great guitar work from both Scaggs and Zingg, a wicked Hammond played by Jim Cox plus an intense vocal interaction between Scaggs and his phenomenal backing vocalists, Ms. Monet and Barbara Wilson. “Greatest Hits Live” is a must have for Scaggs’ fans. We would also suggest it to anyone who loves Steely Dan and those artists who live on the borderline where jazz, rock and R&B commingle.


[audio:|titles=Breakdown dead ahead|artists=Boz Scaggs]

Lead Vocals & Guitar: Boz Scaggs
Keyboards: Jim Cox & Michael Bluestein
Guitar: Drew Zingg
Bass: Matt Bissonette
Drums: John Ferraro
Background Vocals: Ms. Monet & Barbara Wilson
Trumpet: Rich Armstrong
Saxophone: Charles McNeal
Produced by David Paich
Associate Producer: Chris Tabarez


I call ya
You ain’t in
What’s this cold reaction
Where’ve you been
Oooooh, baby, let it on the line
This is last call and you say that’s all
You can take it fine

I’m sorry but
It don’t make sense
You’re pullin’ just right out on first offense
Oooooh, baby, play it smart
For you go south with your big mouth
Let it take your heart

Danger, there’s a breakdown dead ahead
Maybe you’re in way above your head
I may burn, (I may burn)
Might upset you
But you know I’d never let you down

I told ya
No more lyin’
No more tears fallin’
Stop your cryin’
Ooooh, baby (ooooh, baby)
I’m your fan
Before you go back to your side track
Baby understand (understand)

Danger there’s a breakdown dead ahead
And just maybe you’re in way above your head
I may burn (I may burn)
Might upset you
But you know I’d never let you down

No, no, no
No, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no

[Instrumental Interlude]

Danger, there’s a breakdown dead ahead
Then just maybe you’re in way above your head
I may burn (I may burn)
Might upset you
But you know I’d never let you down
Down, down, down
No, no, no
(Breakdown dead ahead)
(Danger, breakdown dead ahead)