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Written by David Foster, Linda Thompson & Rhett Lawrence

In 1988, Seiko Matsuda, a true superstar in Japan, released her new record, entitled “Citron”. She recorded it in L.A. with David Foster producing the project and they came out with a nice work with some very enjoyable moments. The sounds are typical of those times with lots of drum programming and keyboards, great soloing by Michael Landau on guitar, Dave Boruff on sax and Foster on piano. Foster called in for help some of his old friends like Jay Graydon, Steve Kipner, Tom Keane and Randy Goodrum who did some co-writing with him and helped co-produce a couple of tracks too.

The material on the c.d. is divided between power ballads, pop ballads, pop/rock songs and danceable tunes. The best things on the album are “Every Little Hurt”, co-written by Goodrum, a cute ballad that Foster sings with Matsuda, “Blue”, a good pop/rock tune, co-written with Keane and Landau and “We Never Get To It” that we have chosen as our song of the week. Foster wrote it with Linda Thompson and songwriter/producer Rhett Lawrence, a very good pop-dance tune with an infective chorus; it really sounds like a song that could have been a hit at that time if recorded by Madonna. It marks also one of the first times that Seiko tried singing in English. In later years she did record a few more English albums trying to break into the U.S. market but they almost went unnoticed.


[audio:|titles=WE NEVER GET TO IT|artists=Seiko Matsuda]

Lead Vocals: Seiko Matsuda
Keyboards: David Foster
Additional Keyboards: Rhett Lawrence
Guitars: Michael Landau
Synthesizer Programming: Rhett Lawrence
Background Vocals: Jason Scheff, Tom Keane, Steve Kipner & Bill LaBounty
Arranged by David Foster & Rhett Lawrence
Produced by David Foster