Nov 242002

Written by David Foster and Paul Anka


We all remember the string of hits David Foster had with Chicago, songs like “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” and “You’re The Inspiration” are evergreens that are played on radio still today. This song is in the exact same vein, we can call it the best Chicago song never recorded by Chicago. The “Walk A Fine Line” record came out in 1982, Anka with Foster’s help assembled a great bunch of musicians and songwriters (Kenny Loggins, Jay Graydon, Toto, Michael McDonald among them) and the result is a great pop album. “Hold Me ‘Till The Mornin’ Comes” was the hit out of it reaching Billboard’s top 40 in 1983.

It is a wonderful love ballad dominated by Foster’s keyboards and Peter Cetera’s (Chicago’s lead singer) guest vocal harmonies. The rest of the cd is full of pop goodies, from Michael McDonald and David Foster’s uptempo “Second Chance” to the wonderful and soulful “No Way Out”. Anka and Foster have been collaborating before and after this fine effort and we especially recommend his “Body Of Work” CD from 1999 to get another good dose of Foster/Anka gems (it also includes an updated remake of “Hold Me ‘Til The Mornin’ Comes”).


Lead Vocals: Paul Anka
Drums: Mike Baird
Synthesizers: David Foster
Piano: David Foster
Guitars: Marty Walsh & Steve Lukather
Background Vocals: Peter Cetera
Track arrangements by David Foster
Produced by Denny Diante


Two broken hearts
Neither one knows what to say
Both Falling from love
But not quite all the way

Look at us now
We’re reachin’ back for yesterday
Wanting to know
If the other wants to stay

After all I’m the one who said we’re through
Now I can’t live without you anymore
Out there lost
There’s a dream that can come true
Is it worth the reach’ for
Don’t you want me anymore, darlin’

Hold me ’til the mornin’ comes
Until I see your smile
Take all the sadness from your eyes
Hold me ’til the mornin’ sun
Let me stay, we’ve just begun

Where shall we start
A tender word that we can share
And if we believe
In time we will get there
Look at us now
Wanting more than words can say
Both fallin’ in love
But this time all the way
Out there lost
Are the words “I still love you”
Are they worth the reachin’ for
Do you love me anymore, darlin’


Would you love me in the mornin’
Will you still be there in the mornin’
Or would you leave without a warmin’
Say you love me, too