Nov 132016

from WILDFLOWER (single)
Written by David Richardson & Doug Edwards


This week the spotlight is on “Wildflower,” the 1973 hit by David Foster’s early band, Skylark. That sumptuous ballad was the Hitman’s first bite of success on Billboard’s Hot 100.

“Wildflower” was co-written by Skylark’s guitarist, the late, Doug Edwards who passed away just a few days ago, with David Richardson, a friend of Foster’s who wrote a poem that married to Edwards’ inspired music and eventually became the lyrics of that evergreen.

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May 042014

from SKYLARK 2
written by Dennis Lambert & Brian Potter

In 1972, the Canadian pop/rock group Skylark introduced David Foster’s talents to the world. After the massive success of their 1973 hit “Wildflower,” Skylark went back into the studio to work on their sophomore release. Produced again by Eirik Wangberg, the new recording saw the group down to only three members – Foster, his then-wife Bonnie Jean (B.J.) Cook and singer Donny Gerrard. “Skylark 2” was released in 1974 and oddly enough, the new album again included their “Wildflower” hit ballad, maybe to cash in some more on its huge potential. “Skylark 2” was a good soft/rock collection with touches of soul, country and Latin rock.

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