Oct 062019

Music by David Foster Lyrics by Nigel Olsson & Jozy Pollock

This week, let’s go back to the mid-seventies when David Foster was a young, A-list session player, but already developing other impressive skills as an arranger and songwriter. One of Foster’s main connections of those years was with Sir Elton John’s legendary drummer, Nigel Olsson. Foster co-wrote, arranged and played on several tracks of Olsson’s 1975 self-titled album.

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Jul 172016

from NIGEL
Written by David Foster & Nigel Olsson

Nigel Olsson’s name is unavoidably associated with Elton John’s band. Olsson has played drums on and off with the UK superstar since the early seventies for over 2,000 live shows and dozens of studio recordings. Olsson appeared on seminal albums like Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player, 21 At 33, Caribou, up to Sir Elton’s most recent recording titled Wonderful Crazy Night released February 2016.
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Mar 182012

from Nigel Olsson

words by Nigel Olsson & Jozy Pollock – Music by David Foster

Better known as the legendary drummer of Elton John’s band, Nigel Olsson is also a pretty good singer/songwriter in his own right. In the seventies he released a couple of catchy pop albums that included several collaborations with the young and talented, David Foster. On “Nigel Olsson,” released in 1978 and produced by Paul Davis, Foster co-wrote five tracks with the singer/drummer and played keyboards throughout the record.

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Aug 082010


written by David Foster, Nigel Olsson & Jozy Pollock

In the early seventies Nigel Olsson became one of the world’s best known drummer for his connection with Elton John. In 1975 the UK superstar decided to change his rhythm section and consequently Olsson and Dee Murray were replaced by Roger Pope and Kenny Passatelli.
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Apr 192009

Written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & B.J. Cook  Foster

In the late seventies, Nigel Olsson, the rhythmic force in Elton John‘s touring band, established himself as a solo artist. Olsson’s records had decent sales and even spawned a couple of Top 40 hits like “A Little Bit Of Soap” and “Dancing Shoes.” Continue reading »