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Tag: Mathieson


Written by David Roberts

In 1982, Canadian singer/songwriter David Roberts released his debut album entitled All Dressed Up. Produced by supreme music-maker Greg Mathieson, All Dressed Up was one of those obscure pop recordings that presented such a superior musical quality that deserved far better luck on the charts and radio. The noteworthy level of Roberts’ compositions and top-notch value of the production was on the same wavelength, in terms of catchiness and craft, of platinum sellers like Christopher Cross and Toto IV. Every time All Dressed Up graces our ears, we can’t help but wonder why it didn’t take the American charts by storm. Roberts’ endeavor included the pop/rock gems “Too Good To Last” and “Someone Like You” that had perfect melodic appeal and fantastic musicianship courtesy of Toto guys including the late Jeff and Mike Porcaro on drums and bass, Steve Lukather on guitar and producer Mathieson on various keyboards. Roberts gave solid and effective vocals throughout the album, especially on the two gorgeous love ballads “Midnight Rendez-Vous” and “Another World.”