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from U.S.J.
Written by Char


Virtuoso guitarist Char was rightly considered one of the most influential players on the Japanese music scene. He has had a high-profile career spanning over forty years. Char debuted in 1976 with a self-titled album and immediately caught the attention of Japan’s rock/blues music lovers with his eclectic mix of rock, funk and pop delivered with superior guitar playing up-front. Char’s skills attracted the praise of esteemed colleagues like Toto’s axe-man Steve Lukather.


From U.S.J.
Written by Jay Graydon & Richard Page

Char is Japan’s most talented guitarist with a career that spans four decades. In 1981 he recorded an album entitled “U.S.J,” produced by Toto’s legendary guitarist, Steve Lukather. Recorded in L.A., it’s a showcase of Char’s talent linked with the super session sounds of that era.