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Written by Alan Lindgren & Neil Diamond

“Hello Again” was a beautiful love song performed by the unparalleled talent of Neil Diamond. The legendary singer co-wrote it with his former musical director and collaborator, Alan Lindgren, for the soundtrack of his 1980 movie debut, The Jazz Singer. Diamond was at the peak of his career. The gorgeous melody of “Hello Again” gave Diamond another solid hit reaching #6 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #3 on the Adult Contemporary charts.

Fast forward to 2014 when David Foster, who worked steadily with Diamond throughout the 80’s, recorded a new version of “Hello Again” for Ruben Studdard’s cd, Unconditional Love. The former American Idol alumni was already a fixture of Foster’s musical events and tours. The natural sequence of events had the Hitman sign Studdard to Verve Records.

Unconditional Love was a perfectly crafted record. It had a refined atmosphere in a soul/R&B vein that was clearly unfluenced by the incomparable Luther Vandross (1951-2005). Foster oversaw the whole project while playing and producing a few tracks including “Hello Again.” Studdard’s version of this adult pop classic goes in a soulful direction with an arrangement based on multi-layered keyboards and lush strings. Studdard gave his usual outstanding vocal performance, smooth yet powerful and perfectly suited for the song’s tender atmosphere. Studdard’s vocals throughout Unconditional Love were  remarkable and confirm him as one of the best soul singers of his generation.

Here are a few words from Foster about this song and collaboration:

“I love Ruben’s voice, always have. I thought ‘Hello Again’ would be a great song for him and I think I was right. He really sounds like silk on this production and, of course, Neil is one of the best songwriters ever.”


  • Lead Vocals: Ruben Studdard
  • Keyboards: David Foster
  • Synth, Programming & Sound Design: Jochem van der Saag
  • Arranged by David Foster
  • Produced by David Foster & Jochem van der Saag


Hello, again, hello
Just called to say hello
I couldn’t sleep at all tonight
And I know it’s late
I couldn’t wait

Hello, my friend, hello
Just called to let you know
I think about you every night
When I’m here alone
And you’re there at home

Maybe it’s been crazy
And maybe I’m to blame
But I put my heart above my head
We’ve been through it all and you love me just the same
And when your not there
I just need to hear

Hello, my friend, hello
It’s good to need you so
It’s good to love you like I do
And I feel this way when I hear you say

Hello, my friend, hello
Just called to let you know
I think about you every night
And I know it’s late but I could’t wait