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Day: August 21, 2022



Written by Bernard Ignher

“Joe Gottfried (1927-1992) was the co-owner of the legendary Sound City Studios. He was a wonderful man and the very first person to offer me a job as record producer for singer/actress Jaye P. Morgan. He funded [her] album, which was in fact recorded at Sound City Studios, around 1976. I got to use all the ‘cats’ on Jaye P. Morgan, every great studio musician of that era. What I still didn’t know about producing is that it’s not just about getting great tracks from great players. This album, and the two that followed for The Keane Bros. and Bill Champlin, taught me that you have to have great song selection and that the vocal and the lyrics are also very important. I truly thought good producing was just getting great tracks; it’s not! The singer and the song are the most important things, not a smoking instrumental track. If I get all three, then I might have something like ‘I Am’.”