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Music by Lisa Dalbello

David Foster started making his transition from top session ace to record producer around 1977. Foster helmed albums by teen-pop act, The Keane Brothers, singer/songwriter Danny Peck and vocalist Lisa Dalbello. Of those three records, the one that most prominently presented the seeds of Foster’s impressive talents as an arranger and producer was Dalbello’s self-titled release.

Lisa Dalbello offered a melting pot of pop, rock and R&B delivered with a sophisticated sound courtesy of Foster and the cream of the L.A. session scene of those years. Foster enlisted future Toto guys Jeff and Mike Porcaro (April 1, 1954 to August 5, 1992 and May 29, 1955  to March 15, 2015) with Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, Bill Champlin, Patrice Rushen, Nigel Olsson and Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire. Dalbello’s voice was a stunner, especially considering she was only seventeen at the time. Foster gave Dalbello songs with smooth and refined arrangements to compete with the best names of the genre and she really shone vocally throughout the album. There have been reviews of the goodies from Lisa Dalbello in the past and they can be found in the “ARCHIVES” section of this website. Original compositions like the intense ballad, “(Don’t Want To) Stand In Your Way,” and two funk-infused Foster co-writes, “Day Dream” and “Milk & Honey,” can be found.

This week, the focus is on another beautiful ballad titled “Stay With Me.”

Again, Foster created a gorgeous soul/R&B atmosphere where Dalbello’s voice could express itself on top of a magnificent musical scenario. The instrumental track was owned by Foster on Fender Rhodes, Graydon on guitar and the Porcaro brothers driving the rhythm section. Tom Scott’s saxophone solo and the refined licks by the Seawind Horns’ were perfect embellishments to raise the level of sophistication on the track.

Listen closely. There was a common thread that goes from “Stay With Me” on Lisa Dalbello to Bill Champlin’s Single to Boz Scaggs’ Middle Man. It was a thread made of quality music that will catapult Foster to his triumphs with Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire.



  • Lead & Backing Vocals: Lisa Dalbello
  • Fender Rhodes: David Foster
  • Guitar: Eddie Patterson & jay Graydon
  • Drums: Jeff Porcaro
  • Bass: Mike Porcaro
  • Saxophone Solo: Tom Scott
  • Horns: Seawind Horns
  • Backing Vocals: Michele Gruska, Patrice Rushen
  • Rhythm Arrangements by David Foster
  • Vocal Arranged by Lisa Dalbello
  • Produced & Arranged by David Foster


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be more than just friends?
Discovering ways to spend our evenings and days
Gettin’ to know each other well

It would be so nice to have you wake me in the morning
We’d float on silvery streams creating beautiful dreams
Inside our ivory tower

We shouldn’t waste a night like this
Worrying what tomorrow will bring
Let’s forget about the rest
Forget about the rest
Stay with me
Let’s forget about the rest, baby baby,
And stay with me

We are worlds apart from a lifetime together
But we could suppose that while the curtains are closed
We’d share a timeless ecstasy

If we should lose a night like this
We will always wonder
What might’ve been
So forget about the rest
Forget about the rest
And stay with me
Let’s forget about the rest, baby baby
And stay with me

If I could have you here til the morning
Explore this feeling touching me, touching you