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Written by Alan Gorrie

The UK label, Demon Records, has recently released On The Strip – The Sunset Sessions, a 2LP vinyl set that’s a special reconfiguration of Average White Band’s classic 1980 Shine album. To celebrate Shine’s 40th anniversary release with Demon Records and with the support of current and past members of the legendary Scottish group, On The Strip – The Sunset Sessions has been rebuilt to include tracks that were recorded on the Shine sessions, but didn’t make the final cut or were eventually released on a later compilation.

Shine was one of David Foster’s best productions of that era with its killer mix of funk, soul and pop sounds like an irresistible cross between Earth, Wind & Fire’s I Am and The Doobie Brothers’ Minute By Minute. This new release by Demon Records included all but two tracks from Shine plus four tracks from the band’s Volume 8. A couple of fantastic tunes, “Miss Sun” and “Wasn’t I Your Friend,” were recorded during those same sessions. They only recently saw the light of day on various compilations and re-releases. Most of the gems from Shine were already reviewed on this website and can be rediscovered in the archives.

This week the focus is on Alan Gorrie’s original, “Love Gives, Love Takes Away,” one of the first songs recorded during the Shine sessions. “Love Gives, Love Takes Away” is the Song of the Week. 

“Love Gives, Love Takes Away” was a beautiful, mid-tempo ballad that featured the classic vocal interplay by Gorrie and Hamish Stuart. “Love Gives, Love Takes Away” included an irresistible arrangement with impeccable instrumental performances by Foster and the band. Molly Duncan’s warm saxophone was in the spotlight while the strings, crafted by Foster and Roger Ball, were to die for. As a result, “Love Gives, Love Takes Away” was pure ear-candy; one of those productions that was a perfect example of Foster’s quality pop sound of those years. Both fans of Average White Band and Foster should get On The Strip – The Sunset Sessions to rehear a great batch of songs that are all aging like fine wine. Absolutely recommended!




  • Lead & Backing Vocals: Alan Gorrie & Hamish Stuart
  • Keyboards: David Foster & Roger Ball
  • Bass: Alan Gorrie
  • Drums: Steve Ferrone
  • Guitars: Hamish Stuart & Onnie McIntyre
  • Saxophone: Molly Duncan
  • Strings Arranged by Roger Ball & David Foster
  • Produced by David Foster


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