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Written by David Foster Lyrics by Susan Birkenhead  

In his live performances or in the studio, David Foster always surrounds himself with the best vocal talents around. Often, we are talking about global stars like Andrea Bocelli or Michael Bublè, but sometimes Foster finds the best up ’n’ coming names. This is the case with the Hitman’s newly released project, An Intimate Evening. This latest live cd aired on PBS as part of its “Great Performances” TV series.

An Intimate Evening finds Foster reinventing part of his legendary songbook with a bouquet of superb singers including his new wife, Katharine McPhee, Pia Toscano, Loren Allred, Sheléa Frazier and classical crossover tenor Fernando Varela. Among the evergreens found on the cd are the Celine Dion staples “To Love You More,” “The Power Of Love,” “The Prayer” and “Tell Him,” all originally produced and/or co-written by Foster. Also heard are the giant hits Foster produced for the late, unforgettable Whitney Houston (1963-2012). The new material includes a fantastic rendition of Ms. Allred’s trademark anthem, “Never Enough,” and a gorgeous instrumental performance by Foster on acoustic piano of “Victorious,” both of which stand out as absolute treats. This last piece should be part of the Canadian super-producer’s all instrumental music project to be released sometimes in 2020.   

An Intimate Evening offers another delight for music fans: a new composition titled “Something To Shout About” from Foster’s still-in-the-works musical, “Betty Boop.” Beautifully sung by Ms. McPhee and with lyrics written by veteran Broadway tunesmith, Susan Birkenhead, “Something To Shout About” has timeless Broadway anthem written all over it with a gorgeous melody, stunning crescendo and lush orchestral work, all inevitable elements of the classic Foster sound. Ms. McPhee does a remarkable job with her voice going from the delicate intro up to the pyrotechnic finale. We have asked our favorite music-maker to write a few words about this new, special composition and here’s what he sent us: 

“Something To Shout About was written for the part of our musical when everyone keeps telling Betty Boop that she has everything. She has money, fame, mansions, yachts but she feels like one thing is still missing. So she longs for something to shout about although she doesn’t really know at this point of the show that what she is missing is real love. Kat’s performance of this special song is of course simply flawless and beautiful.”

“Something To Shout About” wets the appetite for the entire “Betty Boop” play. More Foster/McPhee collaborations would also be a sure bet for quality music lovers.


  • Lead Vocals: Katharine McPhee
  • Piano: David Foster
  • Keyboards: Boh Cooper & Troy Laureta
  • Guitar: Tariqh Akoni
  • Drums: John Robinson
  • Bass: Keith Nelson
  • Produced & Arranged by David Foster


I want something to shout about
Something to spin me around
Something mysterious, something miraculous
Earth-shaking, life-changing, cosmic, profound

I want something to make me, someone I never was
Something to shout about, whatever it does

I want something to shout about
Something to make me cry
Something so powerful, something so true
It will change who I am and undo what I know

I want something to stun me, to fill me with fire and fears
Something to shout about, whatever it is
I wish I knew, I haven’t a clue
But I am sure I’ll know it when I see it
I triple-guarantee it

Some days I wouldn’t doubt about
Whether they care or not
Nothing entices me, nothing amazes me
Unless its scripted and I’m in the shot
Oh, I have nothing to pout about
Listen to me, to me
But God I want, something to shout about
Shake all my head about
Take every dream about

I know I cannot live without
Something to shout about
Something to shout about
Wherever he is