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Written by The Corrs

In the nineties, David Foster’s collaboration with the talented Irish quartet, The Corrs, resulted in a welcome change of musical scenario for the Canadian super-producer. Foster put aside his typical mega-successful power ballads of those days to immerse himself into the catchy pop/rock atmospheres created by the four siblings.

September ’95 saw the release of The Corrs’ debut cd titled Forgiven Not Forgotten. It boosted the group’s irresistible blend of pop, rock and traditional Irish music to the top of the charts in several countries. A few of those tracks can be found in the archives including the hit single, “Runaway,” the catchy “Someday,” co-written with Foster, and the energetic title track.
This time around the focus is on a rousing instrumental version of an Irish traditional folk tune entitled, “Toss The Feathers.” On this number, Foster beefs-up the sound by enlisting former Toto drummer Simon Philips, session ace bassist Neil Stubenhaus and the trademark guitar of Michael Thompson who can be heard on other tracks of Forgiven Not Forgotten. The Corrs’ take on “Toss The Feathers” is a total knock-out and one of the highlights of the cd. The four siblings wonderfully play the traditional Irish instruments. On top of an enthralling rhythm section, the result is an exciting mix of Irish music, rock with an echo of some light jazz/fusion. On his website, Philips wrote a little about his work on “Toss The Feathers.” Here’s an excerpt:
“I was called by the session coordinator to see if I was available. David Foster had asked specifically for me. I was available so I was booked and turned up to the Record Plant. I met the band, Bob Clearmountain was engineering so I knew him. We discussed microphones and then I went out to get a drum sound. I took a listen to the track, maybe I made a chart, can’t remember, and then played it down a couple of times. I really don’t remember how many takes it took or whether I did a couple of drops, but I actually played 2 tracks that day. It was a really fun track to play and totally up my street.”
The energetic feel of “Toss The Feathers” quickly became a concert favorite. This jam is still the song that closes the group’s concerts.


[audio:|titles=Toss The Feathers|artists=The Corrs]
  • Keyboards & Guitar: Jim Corr
  • Tin Whistle: Andrea Corr
  • Violin: Sharon Corr
  • Bodhran: Caroline Corr
  • Additional Keyboards: David Foster
  • Guitar: Michael Thompson
  • Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
  • Drums: Simon Philips
  • Arranged by The Corrs
  • Produced by David Foster
  • Co-Produced by Jim Corr


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