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Written by David Foster & Lee Ritenour

This Song of the Week review is “Time Passing,” another of the gorgeous instrumentals from David Foster’s seminal cd, The Symphony Sessions. Released in 1988, this project features the great work of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. It is also the perfect opportunity for the gifted music-maker to showcase his classical background.

To prepare himself for recording and the big challenge of performing alongside a full symphony, Foster heavily practiced his piano playing for three months and the results were stellar. He wrote or co-wrote all the material that subsequently lead to a fascinating musical experience fueled with a strong cinematic feel. Arranger extraordinaire Jeremy Lubbock was Foster’s main collaborator on the project and delivered gorgeous instrumental landscapes with his superior orchestral work.

“Time Passing” was a collaboration between the Hitman and guitar legend Lee Ritenour. The two gifted instrumentalists were old friends and toured Japan together in 1987. Rit was the logical choice for a guest appearance on such a diverse project.  “Time Passing” was an enchanting instrumental with a stunning melody and strong nostalgic aftertaste. Foster’s tender piano playing was perfectly counterpointed by Ritenour’s magic on the acoustic guitar. The orchestral arrangement was lush, yet smartly understated to enhance the romantic atmosphere that relentlessly pulls the listener’s heartstrings. Foster once defined The Symphony Sessions as an album in search of a film. The Symphony Sessions was a terrific listening experience. “Time Passing” was one of the highlights, but also look in the archives for gems like “Winter Games” and “Piano Concerto In G” that will give you a more complete idea of the depth and creativity that lies beneath The Symphony Sessions.


[audio:|titles=Time Passing|artists=David Foster]

Acoustic Piano: David Foster
Acoustic Guitar: Lee Ritenour
Featuring The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Arranged by David Foster & Jeremy Lubbock

Produced by David Foster
Co-Produced by Jeremy Lubbock



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