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Written by Bruce Roberts & Junior Miles

A Love Like Ours was Barbra Streisand’s 28th studio album. It saw the light of day on September 21st, 1999. The string of effective love ballads included on that project celebrated her recent marriage with veteran TV and movie actor James Brolin. A Love Like Ours was the classic triumph of traditional pop with a bulk of perfectly-dosed tender love songs that, from time to time, ventured into light jazz, Latin-tinged pop and radio-friendly, adult contemporary stuff. David Foster was one of several heavyweight music-makers on board and produced two tracks.

Foster co-produced, together with talented singer/songwriter Richard Marx, who was also the song’s composer, the ear-candy pop ballad, “If You Ever Leave Me,” a beautiful duet with country superstar Vince Gill. “If You Ever Leave Me” was the most successful single release off the album reaching #62 on the Billboard’s Hot Country song chart and #26 on the UK singles chart. A past review of “If You Ever Leave Me” can be found in the archives.

This week, the focus was on another gorgeous ballad titled “If I Didn’t Love You.” This was the second Foster production appearing on A Love Like Ours. Co-written by celebrated singer/songwriter and frequent Streisand collaborator Bruce Roberts with lyricist Junior Miles, “If I Didn’t Love You” leans more towards the superstar’s traditional pop side. This song sports rich orchestral work courtesy of arranger-supreme William Ross with exquisite instrumental performances by Foster on keyboards, Nathan East on bass and John Robinson on drums. On top of this refined music scenario was Ms. Streisand’s inspired vocals perfectly directed by the Hitman. It is interesting to note that Junior Miles was the pseudonym of former music mogul and retired CEO of Seagram, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., who wrote the moving lyrics for “If I Didn’t Love You.” Mr. Bronfman declared that those touching words were inspired by the beginning of the love affair with the woman who became his second wife.  A Love Like Ours  was the umpteenth platinum-certified record for the multi-talented megastar. A Love Like Ours  was also a Top Ten entry on Billboard’s Top 200 at #6.


[audio:|titles=If I Didn’t Love You|artists=Barbra Streisand]

Lead Vocals: Barbra Streisand
Keyboards: David Foster
Bass: Nathan East
Drums: John J.R. Robinson

Orchestral Arranged & Conducted by William Ross
Arranged by David Foster & Bruce Roberts

Produced by David Foster


If i didn’t love you
I’d be safe from harm.
I would never find myself
Lost inside your arms.
If i didn’t love you
I’d never feel the pain
Of sunny days without you
Drowning in the rain.
If i didn’t love you

If i didn’t love you
Peace would rule the day
All the dark and out would surely go away.
If i didn’t love you
I wouldn’t pay the cost
Of living every endless day
If our love is lost.
If i didn’t love you
If i didn’t love you

And yet you make me breathless
At the way you move
I never knew that i
Could ever love the way we do.
I don’t know how you reach me
In that place in my heart
Belonging to only you.

If i didn’t love you
I wouldn’t lose control
The danger loving brings a word
Never touch my soul.
If i didn’t love you
Perhaps i wouldn’t die.
If you should ever say to me
“i’m sorry, goodbye.”
If i didn’t love you
How can there be music
In the way you touch?
I can’t believe that somehow
I believe in you so much.
Now you’ve come and taught me
How to give you my heart.
And make me feel at last
That the end will never start.
You’re the only reason
I’m not afraid to fall.
For if i didn’t love you
If i didn’t love you
I wouldn’t love at all.