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written by David Foster & Linda Thompson

May 1991 saw the release of the movie “One Good Cop” starring Michael Keaton and Rene Russo. The music for that motion picture was written by David Foster with William Ross. It was one of Foster’s first collaborations with the gifted composer/arranger/orchestrator and Ross immediately became a fixture on several Foster’s productions. Ross could be found on projects for Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Josh Groban and many others.

The main attraction for Foster fans on “One Good Cop” was the gorgeous ballad “If Not For Love.” which plays on the end credits. It’s a breathtaking jazzy number co-written by Foster and then-wife Linda Thompson. The composition was sung by the extraordinary Warren Wiebe. We consider “If Not For Love” one of Foster’s best compositions of the Nineties with its perfect melody, nocturne mood, top notch arrangement and amazing production. It is, without a doubt, one of Wiebe’s best performances ever with his smooth voice gently singing Thompson’s tender lyrics. Another key element is the warm saxophone played by Rev. Dave Boruff, the same talented guy who helped Foster make “Love Theme From St. Elmo’s Fire” a success. Recently, we asked our favourite super-producer to write a few words about “If Not For Love” and he kindly sent this note:

We all thought, including the movie producers, that we had a real hit on our hands with this song. It seemed to fit Warren perfectly and he really sang his heart out on it. We were quite disappointed when it didn’t get any traction on the radio, but I was happy with it because to me, it really had the feel, sound and texture of the movie.”

Unfortunately, the soundtrack record for “One Good Cop” never saw the light of day. If you want to listen to its beautiful music, check out Ross’ official website at


[audio:|titles=If Not For Love|artists=Warren Wiebe]

Lead Vocals: Warren Wiebe
Keyboards: David Foster
Guitar: Michael Thompson
Saxophone: Rev. Dave Boruff

Produced & Arranged by David Foster


You never know what you’ve got
’til it slips away
So the people say

Love and the heart that beats on
In this world are a lie
That only love survives

So shelter me
In all your loving ways
Help me forget about
All those painful nights and days

It would be a cold thankless world
If not for love
Take what you need
And live on and on with m
If I found you just didn’t care
It would be a sad sad affair

There’d be only heartache
And heartbreak
If not for love
There’d be only heartache
And heartbreak
If not for love

Oh life is uncertainty
But there’s always been you
And there’ll always be me
There’s always been you
There’ll always be me
Help me forget about
These tears that I cried
There’s always been you
There’ll always be me…

If not for love