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written by Bruce Roberts & Sam Roman

“Whenever There Is Love” is a refined adult contemporary ballad co-written by renowned singer/songwriter Bruce Roberts who also sang the song as a duet with his friend and international superstar, the late Donna Summer.

“Whenever There Is Love” was included in the soundtrack of the 1996 movie, “Daylight,” starring Silvester Stallone. The production of the song was handled by super-producer David Foster, another old friend of both Roberts and Summer. The track was released as a single with the bonus of some dance remixes by Junior Vasquez but it didn’t chart on Billboard’s Hot 100 while an accompanying music video got some airplay on MTV.
The evocative arrangement by Foster is pretty typical of his work of the nineties with a prominent use of keyboards, synthesizers, guitars and programmed drums to support the singers’ heartfelt performances. The song sports a very nice melody that Foster enhances especially towards the end with a powerful crescendo and the use of a gospel flavoured choir.
Another very good reason to listen to “Whenever There Is Love” is to appreciate once again Summer’s legendary voice well complemented here by Roberts’ intense vocal performance.


[audio:|titles=Whenever There Is Love|artists=Donna Summer – Bruce Roberts]

Lead Vocals: Donna Summer & Bruce Roberts
Keyboards: David Foster

Produced by David Foster & Bruce Roberts



Like the welcome of spring
like the light that you bring
to skies that were empty and gray
just your breath in the night
can make it alright
when you sigh as you’re drifting away
oh baby
All that is simple and good
lives in the places you stood
the things that are pure and true
paint a picture of you
and you are all I can think of
whenever there is love
whenever there is love
whenever there is love

Like a brief desert rain
like the air that remains
making everything suddenly new
oh baby and like the light in your eye
as if you and I made a world that was only for two
oh tell me baby
If you are lost I will find you
no matter where you go
if you fall I’ll be behind you