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written by Peter Allen, David Foster & Carole Bayer Sager

In 2010 Sony Entertainment Japan released a compilation entitled “Jay Graydon Works.” As the title suggests, this collection is a tribute to the artistry of the legendary producer/songwriter/guitar player. It presents all the most important songs of Graydon’s career like EWF’s “After The Love Is Gone,” Al Jarreau’s “Mornin’” and George Benson’s “Turn Your Love Around.” David Foster co-wrote many of Graydon’s gems and their timeless collaborations are the bulk of “Jay Graydon Works.”

The album mostly focuses on Graydon’s talents as producer/songwriter but also picks a few selected tracks that he didn’t write or produce but where he left the mark with  his amazing guitar playing.  These songs are Boz Scaggs’ “Then She Walked Away,” Valerie Carter’s “What’s Become Of Us” and Peter Allen’s “Pass This Time.” The last tune in particular is a pop/soul goodie co-written and produced by Foster that comes from Allen’s unforgettable 1980 “Bi-Coastal” album.
“Pass This Time” oozes class from start to finish with an elegant arrangement, top notch performances and the late singer’s trademark voice. Graydon’s tasteful guitar solo is the ice on the cake.  This quality pop song is also worth listening to appreciate once again the immense talent of the rhythm section with Jeff and Mike Porcaro of Toto. The whole material included on “Jay Graydon Works” is a welcome reminder of an era made of elegant music perfectly crafted and performed by blooming geniuses like Jay Graydon and David Foster.


[audio:|titles=Pass This Time|artists=Peter Allen]

Lead Vocal: Peter Allen
Keyboards & Synthesizers: David Foster
Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Bass: Mike Porcaro
Guitar: Steve Lukather
Guitar Solo: Jay Graydon
Synthesizer: Larry Williams
Percussion: Josè Rossy
Saxophone Solo: Gary Herbig

Produced by David Foster


I never thought it would come to this
I thought the big one had come and gone
And after all those years of hit and miss
I was content to live my life alone
But you are the fire I could walk right into
And even now as I feel myself begin to

We could be fun
We could be fine
We could be working a perfect crime
This could be the big one
One of a kind
This might be it but I
Think I’m gonna pass this time

I know the number and I’m not gonna play
I’m past caring if I lose or win
And only end up crying in some sad café
There’s something round my heart
That’s wearing thin
But you are the weakness I could be strong for
You are the reason my life could go on for