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Written by Keisuke Kuwata & Lisa Lovbrand

Lisa Lovbrand is an up’n’comin’ Swedish  singer/songwriter/actress who first rose to popularity with her 2007 album, “Embraceable.” That record presented a well dosed jazzy collection of covers and originals beautifully performed by the singer with a few special guests like Chris Botti, Jeremy Lubbock and David Foster.

On that album Foster made a rare vocal appearance singing an elegant duet with Lovbrand of the classic “When I Fall In Love.” The super-producer took the young, multi-talented singer  under his wing to witness her superior skills and talents quickly develop to fully bloom on “Let Me Love You.” Again in a jazzy, refined setting the Swedish singer gives the listener an absolutely entertaining journey through today’s most elegant pop music. On her catchy, up-beat single “Ain’t Givin’ Up” Lisa sounds almost  like a female version of Michael Bublè  while her inventive takes of classics like Bob Dylan’s ”Don’t Think Twice” and Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” are absolutely personal and unique . Foster’s “The Best Of Me” is another goodie and was originally performed by the singer on Foster’s “Fly Away” tribute album. The covers are all really good but there’s so much more to discover on “Let Me Love You” especially a few gorgeous originals that Lovbrand co-wrote for the record. There’s a spectacular ballad entitled “No Breaking Point” that’s quality pop at its best with some delicious guitar playing and fantastic vocals by the Swedish talent. Two more highlights are “Truly,” a breezy pop tune that’s a heartfelt dedication to Foster and the breathtaking, latin-tinged “A Tear Of Love” with a warm trumpet to accompany Lisa’s melancholic performance. Jeremy Lubbock comes back on this album to co-write with Lisa another gem entitled “Lady ‘Till The End Of Time” while Foster embellishes with his piano and keyboards another wonderful ballad called “No Maybes.” “Let Me Love You” was mostly produced by the singer with great help from Foster’s collaborators like Jorge Vivo and Humberto Gatica. Lisa Lovbrand is a rare talent and a beautiful soul and clearly deserves to reach the top of the charts. “Let Me Love You” is a true work of art and we urge you to buy it and spread the word about Lisa’s beautiful music.


[audio:|titles=No Maybes|artists=Lisa Lovbrand]


Lead Vocals: Lisa Lovbrand
Drums: Billy Kilson
Bass: Robert Hurst
Piano & Keyboards: David Foster

Arranged by Lisa Lovbrand & David Foster
Produced by Lisa Lovbrand



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