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from SECRET (single)

written by  David Foster & Seal

The musical relationship between David Foster and pop superstar Seal started in 2008 with the recording of “A Change Is Gonna Come.” That wonderful cover of Sam Cooke’s classic developed into the whole “Soul” album that was a hit worldwide and set the foundations for new, exciting projects. Seal praised Foster’s superior talents while the super-producer publicly stated he was in awe of the singer’s fantastic voice and musicality.

These days the pair returns with Seal’s new record “Seal VI: Commitment.” This time around there are no covers, but a collection of spectacular originals written by the singer. “Seal VI: Commitment” was anticipated earlier this month by the release of the single “Secret.” It is a gorgeous acoustic ballad perfectly arranged with soothing strings, piano, organ and guitars surrounding Seal’s tender vocal performance. Another winner for sure! The real surprise on the single CD comes from a stunning piece co-written by Seal and David Foster entitled “If I Could Ever Make You Love Me.” We strongly suggest you to look for the single or download it from iTunes given that this gem won’t be included on “Seal VI: Commitment.” It’s a breathtaking ballad with bittersweet lyrics, spectacular vocals and a magnificent instrumental arrangement. It’s absolutely one of the best things Foster has co-written in recent years. Both “If I Can Ever Make You Love Me” and “Secret” are good indication of the quality of Seal’s new album and another example of Foster’s immense class and his ability to bring out the best from the world’s most talented singers.


[audio:|titles=If i could ever make you love me|artists=Seal]

Lead Vocals: Seal

Produced & Arranged by David Foster
Co-Produced & Mixed by Jochem van der Saag


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