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written by  David Foster & Ray Kennedy – Additional lyrics by Bill Champlin

Although originally entitled “My Everlasting Love” and included on Ray Kennedy’s 1980 self-titled album, Bill Champlin took the song, added some new lyrics and released it under the title “Tonight Tonight” on his classic solo album “Runaway.” The killer ballad was co-written by Kennedy with David Foster who produced the original recording. In 1981,  Champlin’s “Runaway” version also sports a magnificent Foster production with “Tonight Tonight” sounding slightly more sophisticated than Kennedy’s version.

“Tonight Tonight” was released as a single which became a minor hit on Billboard’s charts at #55. There’s an interesting 1983 Spanish version of “My Everlasting Love” entitled “La Eternidad” by Latin singer, Danny Rivera with Foster on keyboards under Humberto Gatica’s production. Finally, veteran Hawaiian group The Krush  has a little known but really good cover of “Tonight Tonight” released on their 1982 album “Never Felt So Right.” Their record is a mix of pop and funk/soul. The group additionally shined on two other elegant ballads, “On The Road Again” and the spectacular “Leading Lady.” On those three songs the musical performances, vocals and arrangements are refined and truly noteworthy. The rest of “Never Felt So Right” isn’t that memorable, but those cuts are true gems and absolutely worth looking for on iTunes.


[audio:|titles=Tonight Tonight|artists=The Krush]

Peformed by The Krush:

Bobby Gonzales, Edwin Ramones, Ben Vegas, Darryl Alvarico, Wade Kuroiwa, Phillip Galaura, Butchie Canencia, Jesse Gamiao and Macky Galibiso

Arranged by Pat Demain

Produced by Pat Demain & David Talisman


Love lost her way again
I stayed at home
Another sleepless night

Here by a telephone
That never seems to
Ring a ray of hope
Into a man so all alone

And I tried to let you go
Time after time
I lost my mind

Suddenly late last night
You finally called and
All my dreams came true today
You’re coming home to stay


Tonight, tonight
You’ll be back in my arms
Back in my life
So right, so right
We’ll never have to
Say goodbye because
Tonight, tonight
The love we used to have
Is gonna return
Tonight, tonight
The love that went away
Is coming home to stay

You are my happiness
One kiss can change the past
And cast it all away

Nothing will ever
Change the way I feel
And I can hardly wait to see you
You’re coming home at last

[Repeat CHORUS]

Tonight, tonight
The love we had is returning
Make it right tonight
The love that went away
Is coming home to stay

You are my love
My everlasting love
Everlasting love