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Written by David Foster & Paul Anka

Two Canadian treasures, David Foster and Paul Anka, have been friends and co-workers for the past 30 years writing beautiful songs like Anka’s 1983 hit single “Hold Me ‘Til the Morning Comes.” Foster also produced fine material for the superstar’s 1989 album “Somebody Loves You” and 1998’s “A Body of Work.” Anka returned the favor by making appearances at many of Foster’s charities. Together, both gentlemen were instrumental in Michael Bublè’s recent international triumph.

It all started back in 1977 when Foster first played keyboards on Anka’s album “Music Man.” He then co-wrote a couple of good ballads for Anka’s next album, “Listen to Your Heart.” In 1979 the singer released “Headlines,” another interesting record that again showcases his superior taste for refined atmospheres. Obviously, his soft ballads are the core of “Headlines,” yet the album also reflects the hip sounds of those days with a couple of disco-influenced moments including the title track and “Never Get to Know You.” Foster arranged both numbers and co-wrote the latter with the singer. Both songs, though a bit dated, make for a very pleasant listen. The title track seems influenced by Barry Manilow while “Never Get to Know” has an irresistible dance beat with smooth backing vocals, lush strings and horns. Foster also co-wrote one of the ballads, “Learning to Love Again” and Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil helped Anka out on “As Long As We Keep Believing.” Anka co-penned all the songs on the album and sang them with his legendary class and style.


[audio:|titles=Never get to know you|artists=Paul Anka]

Lead Vocals: Paul Anka
Drums: Mike Baird
Piano & Keyboards: David Foster
Guitars: Jay Graydon & Larry Carlton
Bass: Michael Porcaro
Percussion: Victor Feldman, Alan Estes & Joe Porcaro
Background Vocals: James Gilstrap, Jon Joyce, John Lehman, Stephanie Spruill & Myrna Matthews
Arranged & Conducted by Ben Wright
Rhythm arrangements by David Foster
Produced by Michael DeLugg & Paul Anka


Living with him and living with me
You’ve got one foot on shore the other at sea
How can you go from lover to lover
Make up your mind it’s one or the other
Let it be me
You’re building me up and bringing me down
Here in my arms then you’re not around
I’m restless all day I’m thinking all night
Who’s turning you on when you turn out the light
How do you know if it’s worth the keeping
How do you know
You don’t know where you’re sleeping each night
Who’s holding you tight
Never get to know you with him in the way
I’ll never get to know you except in my dreams
Never get to know you for more than a day
I’ll never get to know if it’s all it seems to be
Baby let it be me
Walking on ice playing with fire
Is he in love is he a liar
Make up your mind where do you belong
Or one day you’ll find with both of us gone
I can’t wait around a fool in love caring
It’s all over town with both of us sharing you
What can i do
I’ll never get to know you with him in the way
Never get to know you except in my dreams
Never get to know you for more than a day
I’ll never get to know you if it’s all it seems to be
Baby let it be me
(Repeat & fade)