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Written by Gilbert O’Sullivan

Gilbert O’Sullivan is a famous pop singer/songwriter from the UK who made music history penning the certifiable evergreen “Alone Again (Naturally).” It was the milestone of O’Sullivan’s career that’s based on ear candy pop with clever lyrics and a very personal style. In the first half of the seventies, O’Sullivan offered other great songs like the beautiful “Clair” and “Get Down,” both # 1 on the UK charts and #2 and #7 respectively in America. In 1990 O’Sullivan met David Foster for a special restyling of a sweet ballad entitled “At the Very Mention of Your Name.” The original version of the song was included on O’Sullivan’s 1987 German-release album “Frobisher Drive.” That album was re-released in the UK in 1989 under the title of “In the Key of G” with a slightly different track list. David Foster took his usual strong approach to the project and produced a new, hi-tech version of the song that has his signature style all over it. The song became a single in Belgium and was eventually included in a few “Best Of” collections. Foster’s take on “At the Very Mention of Your Name” was perfect for adult contemporary lovers with his expansive use of keyboards and electric guitars. We suggest you to look for it on “Caricature,” a three cd box set compilation released in 2004 that’s an exhaustive look at O’Sullivan career with his big hits, rare stuff and most recent songs.


[audio:|titles=At the very mention of your name|artists=Gilbert O’Sullivan]

Lead Vocals: Gilbert O’Sullivan
Keyboards: David Foster
Produced by David Foster


At the very mention of your name
get shivers down my back and in my brain
the parts that used to function normally
are now as you can see
acting very strange
oh at the very mention of your name
don’t know why but if I were tied up in chains
I would somehow be released
all problems too would cease
my heart would never feel no pain
at the very mention of your name

At the very moment you arrive
I stop living and I start to feel alive
you have the power that’s taken over me
led me to believe
call it what you like
at the very moment you arrive
I suspect that I will pinch myself to find
that it really isn’t true
it really can’t be you
walking up the garden drive
at the very moment you arrive

And although it’s been said well over a thousand times
here’s a thousand more
will you still be mine forever and evermore

At the very mention of your name
what am I to do and who am I to blame
the effect upon my life can only be described
a bit like being hit my a train
at the very mention of your name