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Written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau’s “High Crime” was released in 1984. The singer was coming from a string of very successful, quality pop albums. He had received big chart success and the praise of the musical press along with several awards including Grammy’s in the Pop, Jazz and R&B fields. This new release, again with Jay Graydon at the helm, saw a drastic change in the sounds and production. Graydon and Jarreau kept the classy atmospheres and elegant arrangements, but went for massive use of synthesizers and drum programming following the highly successful trend started by Prince. Even though this choice caused some controversy among his fans at the time, “High Crime” remains a good effort even though it sounds a bit dated today. The overall quality of the songwriting is excellent. There’s a gem by Bill Champlin, “Love Speaks Louder Than Words,” a smooth ballad clearly influenced by the best EW&F sounds. The catchy title track, co-written by Graydon, Jarreau and Greg Phillinganes, is an irresistible up-tempo jam with acrobatic vocals by Jarreau and fat horns arranged by Jerry Hey. David Foster, Graydon and the singer co-wrote “After All.” It is one of those sweet ballads that the Airplay guys have perfected through the years. It was written to enchant the listener. Foster and Graydon take no prisoners here. The arrangement is perfect, slowly building from the intimate keyboard intro to the beautiful refrain. Jarreau is positively sublime, his vocal performance sweet and understated, well suited to the soft atmosphere of the tune. “After All” did quite good on the Adult Contemporary chart reaching #6, plus it was a minor hit on the Hot 100 at #69 and Hot R&B at #26.


[audio:|titles=After all|artists=Al Jarreau]

Lead Vocal: Al Jarreau
Drums: Mike Baird
Piano & Synthesizer: David Foster
Synthesizer: Robbie Buchanan
Guitar: Jay Graydon
DX-1 Programming: Erich Bulling
Arranged by David Foster, Jay Graydon, Al Jarreau, Jeremy Lubbock & Robbie Buchanan
Produced by Jay Graydon


There, there was a time I knew
That no matter, come what may, love
would prevail
And then inside the dreams I knew
Came the question lovers fear
Can true love fail
Then I would miss the childhood wish
And haven’t I sung to you
Of the knight in armor bright
Faithful and true to you
Darling, after all
I will be the one to hold you in my arms
After all
I will be the one to hold you
I will be the one to hold you in my arms
In my arms
I know in my heart and mind
That no matter, come what may, love will survive
And love, the author of space and time
Keeps the galaxies and each sparrow alive
And the love that heals the wound
After the war is through
Is the knight in armor bright
Faithful and true to you