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Written by David Foster & Linda Thompson

“If Not For Love” was a treasure first recorded in 1991 by David Foster and Warren Wiebe for the soundtrack of “One Good Cop,” starring Michael Keaton and Rene Russo. The beauty of its melody attracted producer Andre Fisher who, one year later, was producing the new album, “Fantasy Hotel,” by talented and versatile r&b/jazz singer Carl Anderson. Fisher used Foster’s perfectly smooth and refined arrangement and invited him to guest on the electric piano. He enlisted keyboardist Brad Cole who performed the jazzy piano licks. To complete the ensemble he recruited Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Thompson, Rick Marotta and Rev. Dave Boruff, who plays the hot sax solos exactly like he did on Foster’s original take. Anderson beautifully sings the lyrics with power, class and a note of melancholy. This is truly a magnificent song, one of Foster’s best melodies ever. “Fantasy Hotel” has several other good tunes including a cover of Kenny Loggins’ sexy ballad “Love Will Follow” and “All I Wanna Do,” both produced by Russ Freeman, the leader of the fusion group The Rippingtones. The one downside on this recording is it’s the heavy use of programmed sounds that make it quite dated. However, Anderson’s golden voice makes it well worth your while to pick up this gem of an album. Unfortunately, Carl Anderson passed away in 2004 after a long battle with leukemia. This is our little tribute to keep his memory alive


[audio:|titles=If not for love|artists=Carl Anderson]

Lead Vocal: Carl Anderson
Brad Cole: Acoustic Piano & Synthesizer Overdubs
Electric Piano: David Foster
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
Guitar: Michael Thompson
Drums: Rick Marotta
Sax Solo: “Reverend” Dave Boruff
Arranged by David Foster
Produced by Andre Fisher


You never know what you’ve got
’til it slips away
So the people say

Love and the heart that beats on
In this world are a lie
That only love survives

So shelter me
In all your loving ways
Help me forget about
All those painful nights and days

It would be a cold thankless world
If not for love
Take what you need
And live on and on with me
If I found you just didn’t care
It would be a sad sad affair

There’d be only heartache
And heartbreak
If not for love
There’d be only heartache
And heartbreak
If not for love

Oh life is uncertainty
But there’s always been you
And there’ll always be me
There’s always been you
There’ll always be me
Help me forget about
These tears that I cried
There’s always been you
There’ll always be me…

If not for love