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Written by David Foster, Diane Warren & Linda Thompson

“From Q With Love” is a collection of Quincy Jones’ best ballads. Released in 1999, it includes music he produced for Michael Jackson, George Benson and Aretha Franklin, plus the sweetest moments from his own solo albums. He also produced four new songs for this project. “If This Time Is The Last Time,” co-written by David Foster with his wife Linda Thompson and good friend Diane Warren, is the best of the new tunes. It is the only one that can compare to the evergreens included in this collection. These gems include “Baby, Come To Me” and “Just Once,” both featuring Foster on the keyboards, plus “Human Nature,” and “The Lady In My Life.” “If This Time Is The Last Time” is a very elegant number, beautifully arranged and played by Foster with the usual partners in crime like Jerry Hey, who was also the associate producer, Greg Phillinganes, Paul Jackson, Neil Stubenhaus, John Robinson and Kirk Whalum, who plays his tender sax licks throughout the song. “If This Time Is The Last Time” is a winner for many reasons, especially the emotional vocal performance given by Patti Austin. The veteran singer reunites with her mentor, Jones, and her voice absolutely shines as she sings the bittersweet words. Foster and Jones have been working together for almost thirty years and their collaborations have always represented some of the best examples of quality in pop music. This song is no exception. Take a listen.


[audio:|titles=If this time is the last time|artists=Patti Austin]

Lead Vocal: Patti Austin
Rhodes: Greg Phillinganes
Piano: David Foster
Guitar: Paul Jackson jr.
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
Drums: John Robinson
Sax Solo: Kirk Whalum
Flugel Horn: Jerry Hey
Synthesizer: Aaron Zigman
Strings arrangement: Bill Ross
Produced by Quincy Jones
Associate Producer: Jerry Hey


So here we are
at the end of the road
the two of us know
there´s a heart that´s breakin
but that´s okay
coz you never said you´d stay
I knew I´d face this day
that you´d say goodbye

I won´t plead and I won´t cry
I won´t bleed and I won´t die
I just hold my head up highwhile I watch you walk away

This time is the last time
this night is our last night
let´s not waste a heartbeat
let´s hold this moment tight
this time is the last time
hold me like the first time
baby that would be eough
if this time is the last time we make love

we´re letting go
of a love that´s come and gone
somehow life goes on
we´ll get pst the sorrow
and when you weepdon´t look back on me too long
coz I´m trying so hard to be strong
I can´t let you see my pain

I won´t plead and I won´t cry
I won´t bleed and I won´t die
I won´t ask the reason whyas you turned and walk away

some other day, some other time
when you speak my name will you be kind
I hold on to your memory
coz you´ll always be a part of me