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Written by Wayne Ford & Patricia Gallant

Dwayne Ford and David Foster met while playing in Ronnie Hawkins’ band in the early seventies, just before Foster left for LA with his band Skylark to record their first hit Wildflower. In 1981 Ford, a fellow Canadian, after many years spent in bands like Atkinson, Danko & Ford and Barefoot, released his first solo project and who else than David Foster could have been called to produce it? Foster took Ford’s tunes and helped shape them into a pop/rock style that isn’t too far from the music of the band Toto. The only two moments that sound a bit different, with some country/rock flavour -“There’s A Life In Me” and “The American Blues” – are the only moments not produced and arranged by Foster. The whole record is very eclectic, the first song “Lovin’ And Losin’ You” is typical of the LA sound of that time with a jazzy groove, some cool backing vocals and great playing courtesy of the Toto guys.

Another couple of interesting tracks are the pop/rock numbers “Am I Ever Gonna Find Your Love” and the closing one “The Best Will Survive” with some great guitar playing by Jay Graydon. The song we picked for our page is “Stranger In Paradise”, an interesting pop number that sounds a bit like a cross between Steely Dan (especially the central part with the sax solo) and the Eagles with good vocals courtesy of Ford with his wife Patricia Gallant. Ford has released another cd in 1997 entitled “Another Way To Fly”, a solid effort but that lacks the musicianship of “Needless Freaking” and, especially, misses David Foster’s producing and arranging art.


[audio:|titles=STRANGER IN PARADISE|artists=Dwayne Ford]

Lead Vocals: Dwayne Ford
Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Bass: Mike Porcaro
Guitar: Steve Lukather
Sax: Earl Seymour
Keyboards: Dwayne Ford
Arranged by David Foster & Dwayne Ford
Produced by David Foster & Dwayne Ford


Too many nights on the town
Too many times when the lines were down
She’s a long way from home
It’s a long way to run

She spends her days at the Ritz
Waiting in silence before the night hits
She’s a long way from home
It’s a long way to run

A stranger in paradise – she’s just like a fool in love
An angel in her demise – it’s a thin disguise
Just doesn’t hide all the pain
She’ll stand by her alibi – she’s just like a fool in love
Defend it with jealous eyes – but she never lies
She just denies it

Oh doesn’t she know she can never win
The state she’s in – she’s lucky she still knows how to cry

Love is alive – if she’d only see
There’s enough for her – there’s enough for me

You say, “How much for the cain, she says”
“I don’t deal i just play the game”
“I’m a long way from home – it’s a long way to run”


I saw her yesterday
she looked tired and alone as she walked away – i said
You’re a long way from home – it’s a long way to run