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Written by David Foster, David Paich & Leon Ware

Leon Ware is one of the best R&B/Soul composers of the last thirty years. He has written unforgettable songs like “I Want You” and “After The Dance” for Marvin Gaye and “If I Ever Lose This Heaven” recorded, among others, by the Average White Band and Quincy Jones. He has released half a dozen records through the years always showcasing his creative mix of soul and pop.

In 1982 David Foster, Toto, Bill Champlin were the young new forces on the charts and their innovative musical concepts were perfect for a refined musician like Leon Ware who wanted them on his new album. “Leon Ware” is a perfect example of “black pop”, all the songs are very classy like the duet with Janis Siegel (Manhattan Transfer) entitled “Why I Came To California”, there are soft pleasures like “Words Of Love” and “Shelter”, and up-tempo jams like Champlin’s “Miracles” and “Somewhere” (co-written with Brazilian legend Marcos Valle).

“Slippin’ Away” opens the show and sets its cool atmosphere. It sounds like a perfect mix between Al Jarreau and Earth, Wind & Fire, perfectly performed by Leon Ware together with his partners in crime. Check out Foster on fender Rhodes, Paich at the piano, Jerry Hey on the flugelhorn solo and the Champlins amazing work on the backing vocals. The two Davids (Foster and Paich) haven’t written many songs together through the years, but every time they worked together they always got amazing results.


Lead Vocals: Leon Ware
Rhodes: David Foster
Piano: David Paich
Guitar: Dean Parks & David T. Walker
Bass: Nathan East
Percussion: Lenny Castro
Back Vocals: B. Champlin, T. Champlin, L.Ware
String arrangement: Marty Paich
Horn Arrangement: Jerry Hey
Produced by Leon Ware
Co-Produced by Marty Paich


And now you seem so far away
When only yesterday
I thought that we were getting’ closer

It’s like I’m hangin’ on a line
Hopin’ you’ll take time enough to notice
That we both could understand

Do you want to live alone
Lookin’ past the places where
A seed of love could grow and
The future would be lastin’ love
But somehow you

Just keep slippin’ away
Why you wanna
Keep on slippin’ away
Somehow in your heart I hope)
You will see that I am on your side
I am on your side

I can’t believe it takes so long
‘Cause something that’s so strong can surely
Take away the weakness

Maybe I haven’t made it clear
But day after day and year by year
I’ll keep sayin’

When my imagination’s gone
There’s a warm reality
That helps me make the space
Between us so much closer
And you won’t keep slippin’ away

You ain’t gonna keep on slippin’ away
Somehow in your mind I know
You will see that I am on your side
I am on your side