Jul 302017

from OUR LOVE/ROOF GARDEN (single)

written by Al Jarreau, Tom Canning & Jay Graydon


Al Jarreau was a rare talent. Mr. Jarreau’s (March 12, 1940 to February 12, 2017) 1981 masterpiece, Breakin’ Away, was produced by Jay Graydon and set the benchmark of excellence for the LA sound of those years. The late vocal legend with Graydon, his frequent collaborator, Tom Canning and an A-list team of players and engineers created an innovative musical architecture that fused Jarreau’s jazz roots with sophisticated soul sounds.

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Feb 092014


written by Al Jarreau, Jay Graydon & Tom Canning

The end of 1981 saw the release of Al Jarreau’s new single “Breakin’ Away,” the title track of the singer’s platinum album released earlier that same year. “Breakin’ Away” was a laid-back tune co-written by Jarreau with collaborators Jay Graydon and Tom Canning. Produced by Graydon, the song sports a catchy melody, ear-candy refrain and refined funky beat. This track has smooth rhythms and superior arrangements that gives Jarreau plenty of room to shine with his slick falsetto dancing over the rich instrumental track.

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