Mar 192017


written by Seal & Gus Isidore

“I asked David [Foster] to produce Commitment because, quite simply, he’s the most incredible person I’ve worked with in the studio for a very long time. He’s one of a kind. I don’t think there’s an arranger and producer anywhere on the planet who can do what he does.”

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Mar 122017


written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & Steve Kipner

“Nothing You Can Do About It” was one of the pinnacles of David Foster’s songwriting career. The Hitman co-wrote the music of this milestone pop song around the end of the seventies with his pal Jay Graydon. Steve Kipner provided the positive lyrical content. Graydon produced a fantastic version of this tune for Manhattan Transfer’s 1979 Extensions album, although the definitive take of “Nothing You Can Do About It” belongs to the legendary, quality pop sounds of Foster’s and Graydon’s Airplay. It wasn’t easy to challenge such a glorious recording in terms of arrangement and execution, yet in 1982, singer/songwriter Leslie Smith re-worked “Nothing You Can Do About it” with great results for his solo album, Heartache.

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Mar 052017

from HOW YOU GONNA SEE ME NOW (single)

written by Alice Cooper, Bernie Taupin & Dick Wagner

“How You Gonna See Me Now” was the lead single from Alice Cooper’s From The Inside album. Co-written by the rock star with guitarist Dick Wagner and Elton John’s lyricist Bernie Taupin, this intense ballad became a solid hit by reaching #12 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in late 1978. David Foster added his polished feel to the slick arrangement and production by giving the song an out-of-the-box radio-friendly appeal. “How You Gonna See Me Now” was one of the first major hits that Foster produced and a review can be found here in the archives.

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Feb 262017

from GIMME WHAT YOU GOT (single)

written by Tom Canning & Al Jarreau

On February 12, the music world observed the loss of supreme jazz/pop singer Al Jarreau (March 12, 1940 to February 12, 2017). His God-given talents, unique voice and superior skills are going to be greatly missed by his many fans and refined music lovers worldwide. To honor his memory and outstanding musical legacy, the “Song Of The Week” picked one of his many splendid composition titled “Gimme What You Got.” Originally included on Jarreau’s 1980 album This Time, “Gimme What You Got” was one of those breezy gems that helped define the Los Angeles pop sound of that unforgettable era. This Time marked the first collaboration between the Milwaukee-born singer and producer/guitarist extraordinaire, Jay Graydon.

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Feb 192017


written by David Foster & Dean Pitchford

Teach Me How To Dream” was an evocative ballad co-written in the early nineties by David Foster with Dean Pitchford for the soundtrack of the action/comedy movie, If Looks Could Kill. Foster’s amazing ability to craft a power ballad was enhanced on this collaboration with Pitchford, a celebrated pop/adult contemporary songwriter in his own right with hit co-writes including Irene Cara’s Academy Award winner “Fame,” Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose,” Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero” and Deniece Williams’ “Let’s Hear It For The Boy.” “Teach Me How To Dream” was produced by Foster with vocals by noted rock singer Robin McAuley.

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Feb 122017

from SPIDER-MAN THEME (single)

written by Robert Harris & Paul Francis Webster

The classic theme song of the sixties cartoon show Spider-Man was composed by late illustrious songwriters Robert “Bob” Harris (September 27, 1925 to February 13, 2000) and Paul Francis Webster (December 20, 1907 to March 18, 1984). Webster was a gifted lyricist who also co-wrote gems that became Academy Award winners for Best Original Song including “The Shadow Of Your Smile” and “Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing.” His incredible talent was also acknowledged with thirteen more nominations to that prestigious award for other evergreens including “April Love,” “Tender Is The Night” and “A Time For Love.”

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Feb 052017


written by David Foster and Boz Scaggs

David Foster and Boz Scaggs co-wrote “You Can Have Me Anytime” for the Bay-area singer/songwriter’s 1980 album, Middle Man. That sentimental ballad and its splendid melody immediately attracted the skilled ear of the late Maynard Ferguson (May 4, 1928 to August 23, 2006). At the time, the Canadian trumpet legend and esteemed bandleader was working on his new album that would eventually be titled It’s My Time.

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