Jun 282015


Written by Justin Bieber, Joshua Gudwin, Rodney Jenkins & Julian Swirsky

Dirty Loops is a phenomenal power trio from Sweden that stars singer/keyboardist Jonah Nilsson, bassist Henrik Linder and drummer Aron Mellergardh. This combo of virtuoso musicians first stepped into the spotlight around 2011. They broadcasted a bunch of videos on YouTube of their spectacular funk/jazz renditions of hit songs by the likes of Adele, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. Dance/pop hits including Justin Bieber’s “Baby” or Spears’ “Circus” were reinvented by the young trio with a fresh blend of funk, pop and dance delivered with jazzy chords and top-notch instrumental performances. Forever shining is Nilsson’s powerful voice with echoes of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

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Jun 212015


Written by David Foster & Jeremy Lubbock

Written around 1985, “Flight Of The Snowbirds” was a beautiful instrumental theme that David Foster co-wrote with his dear friend and fellow music-maker extraordinaire, Jeremy Lubbock. This evocative composition was first included on Foster’s 1986 self-titled album. The match of the song’s breezy melody with a complex rhythmic approach resulted in an amazing work of art. The track was built almost entirely on Foster’s inventive keyboards with some embellishment from Michael Landau on guitar. Sonically, “Flight Of The Snowbirds” was a true delight with its delicate intro that builds up to an intense crescendo.

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Jun 142015


Written by Diane Warren & Steven “Stevie J” Jordan

Faith Evans is a talented r&b singer/songwriter who was a prominent figure in the Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs’ circle of the nineties. Ms. Evans released three platinum albums between 1995 and 2001 for Combs’ Bad Boy Records. The second of those successful releases was Keep The Faith. Released in 1998, this cd went all the way to #6 on Billboard’s Top 200 and #3 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album charts. Supervised by Combs and mostly co-written by Evans, Keep The Faith included a string of dance floor hits along with a beautiful ballad entitled “Lately I.”

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Jun 072015


Written by David Foster & The Tubes

Every time The Completion Backward Principle or Outside Inside from the early eighties are listen to, you can see what superior musical value these recordings really had. Recorded by The Tubes and produced by David Foster, these albums epitomized the decade and what real music was all about. The benefit of having Foster in the control room gave the San Francisco rockers a more focused balance to their unique blend of pop/rock and new wave.

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May 312015


Written by Alexandra Talomaa

At the dawn of the new millennium, David Foster scored a successful collaboration with male vocal quintet Plus One. Nate Cole, Gabe Combs, Nathan Walters, Jeremy Mhire and Jason Perry were the skilled members of the boy band that musically followed in the footsteps of giant sellers like ‘N Sync and Backstreet Boys. Their hallmark was the inspirational lyrics that brought them an immediate following on the Contemporary Christian Music market.

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May 242015


Written by Ned Doheny

Edward ‘Ned’ Doheny is a gifted singer/songwriter with an irresistible, blue-eyed soul music vein. In the seventies, Doheny wrote or co-wrote some absolute gems released on a couple of influential albums called Hard Candy and Prone. These pivotal songs included “A Love Of Your Own,” “Whatcha Gonna Do For Me” and “Get It Up For Love.” Both Hard Candy and Prone were produced by the legendary Steve Cropper and his touches to the elegant, catchy material plus the deluxe value of the musicianship were on the same wavelength as Boz Scaggs’ Silk Degrees.

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May 172015


Written by David Foster, Walter Afanasieff & Lucio Quarantotto

The fall 2001 release of Josh Groban was the introduction of the Los Angeles-born baritone to the music world. David Foster crafted the now-classic release that beautifully showcased Groban’s terrific vocal talent. Yet, Warner Bros., the owner’s of the Reprise label that Josh Groban was on, showed hesitation to sign the future superstar. Warner was unsure that the young Groban’s voice and music style would become winners on the charts and radio.

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