May 242015


Written by Ned Doheny

Edward ‘Ned’ Doheny is a gifted singer/songwriter with an irresistible, blue-eyed soul music vein. In the seventies, Doheny wrote or co-wrote some absolute gems released on a couple of influential albums called Hard Candy and Prone. These pivotal songs included “A Love Of Your Own,” “Whatcha Gonna Do For Me” and “Get It Up For Love.” Both Hard Candy and Prone were produced by the legendary Steve Cropper and his touches to the elegant, catchy material plus the deluxe value of the musicianship were on the same wavelength as Boz Scaggs’ Silk Degrees.

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May 172015


Written by David Foster, Walter Afanasieff & Lucio Quarantotto

The fall 2001 release of Josh Groban was the introduction of the Los Angeles-born baritone to the music world. David Foster crafted the now-classic release that beautifully showcased Groban’s terrific vocal talent. Yet, Warner Bros., the owner’s of the Reprise label that Josh Groban was on, showed hesitation to sign the future superstar. Warner was unsure that the young Groban’s voice and music style would become winners on the charts and radio.

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May 102015


Written by Danny Peck

Heart And Soul was Danny Peck’s 1977 debut album. Peck, a talented singer/songwriter, wrote ten compositions for the project. The songs showcased Peck’s different sides in the musical arena including his lyrical craft. These songs were put in the capable hands of David Foster who was in the process of making his big transition from sought-after session ace to full-time music producer. Heart And Soul was produced with noted engineer Jay Lewis. Foster gave the album his obvious love for refined, r&b-influenced arrangements delivered with irresistible grooves, clever rhythm changes and superior instrumental performances.

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May 032015

 From HOLD BACK MY HEART (Japanese Edition)

Music by David Foster
Lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto English translation by Joe Sperling

During the summer of 2014, the music world had to face the untimely passing of 35 years old, Australian singer/songwriter Michael Johns. Johns, a former 2008 American Idol contestant, was a gifted singer with a warm, bluesy voice. His obvious talent was pretty evident to David Foster.

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Apr 262015


Written by Barry Gibb & Robin Gibb

“How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” is a globally popular, soft-rock ballad by the Bee Gees. Co-written by Barry Gibb with his younger brother, the late Robin Gibb, this beautiful song was part of the legendary trio’s 1971 album Trafalgar. “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” was the lead single off that classic release. The song would become the first US #1 for the Bee Gees as well as one of their most loved evergreens.

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Apr 192015

 From YOU/WORLD OF STONE (single)

Written by George Harrison

The focus of the weekly page is on “You,” a 1975 hit by the late, talented George Harrison. The legendary former Beatle originally wrote and recorded “You” in 1971 for Ronnie Spector, a member of the successful pop vocal trio The Ronettes and wife of visionary producer Phil Spector, a music legend in his own right. Ronnie Spector’s recording of “You” remained unreleased, so Harrison rescued the song in 1975.

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Apr 122015


Written by David Foster, Tom Keane & Paul Gordon

David Foster always had a superior knack for composing evocative instrumentals. He put a pin to “Our Romance,” a tender piece of music co-written with Tom Keane for Foster’s 1983 debut solo album The Best Of Me. Conceived for the Japanese market, The Best Of Me presented a series of great instrumentals that evolved into some of Foster’s most beloved pop hits including the title-track, “Mornin’,” “Through The Fire” and “Look What You’ve Done To Me.” Evidenced by its sheer beauty, “Our Romance” had an interesting artistic journey.

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