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Tag: David Foster



Written by Bill Champlin & B.J. Cook

“There are many reasons why I loved working with Bill Champlin. We were more aligned musically than what  it looked like on paper. Bill had a rawness that I didn’t have and I really loved that. To his great credit, he allowed me to get all my musical licks on tape but he never felt (I think) like he compromised. My sound was obviously slicker than his (that cool Bay Area raw rock and funk) but we met in the middle and I think the result was fantastic. He’s one hell of an artist, singer, musician and songwriter. He’s unique. Not many people are like that, for example I can’t really say that I am unique like he is!”


from TIME

Written by Lionel Richie

“Lady” was a 1980 hit by the late country/pop superstar Kenny Rogers (1938-2020). Written and produced by Lionel Richie, “Lady” was the ballad that completed Rogers’ transition from country icon to international pop superstar. The song was originally written by Richie for his former group, The Commodores, but, after they turned it down, he offered “Lady” to Rogers who recorded it with terrific results.


from CHICAGO 17

Written by David Foster & James Pankow

Released in the Spring of 1984, Chicago 17 was one of the pivotal projects of David Foster’s entire career. That record’s perfect pop sounds brought the veteran band four huge Top 40 hits including “Hard Habit To Break,” “You’re The Inspiration,” “Stay The Night,” “Along Comes A Woman” plus multimillion sales that total today over six million copies in the US alone. With Chicago 17, Foster basically shaped the pop/adult contemporary genre that dominated the radio waves of the Eighties.



Written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb

Around 1995, David Foster started his own record company, 143 Records, in a joint venture with the Warner Music Group. Among the first artists to be signed on 143 Records were The Corrs and Jordan Hill. With hits like “Runaway” and “Breathless,”  The Corrs’ innovative mix of catchy pop sounds with traditional Irish music was a winner and brought them quickly to the top of the international music charts. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the young and gifted Ms. Hill.  



Written by David Foster

In the spring of 2020, during the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, David Foster released Eleven Words, a gorgeous collection of instrumental themes performed at the piano with just minimal string accompaniment. The soothing music included was perfect to give listeners a welcome moment of calmness while living such difficult and unexpected days. Foster’s goal was to focus on his heartwarming melodies without any lyrics or flamboyant production. One of our personal favorites from Eleven Words and the Song of the Week is the delicate piece “Orbiting.”